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    The Natural Hair Treatment at Bangalore

    Hair loss, grey hair issues and baldness are some of the common hair issues that occur due to various reasons but take away our self-confidence in us. Natural Hair Bangalore comes to your rescue with our advanced hair restoration methods that are trustworthy and also completely safe. We have a team of the best trichologists and dermatologists who confidently treat your scalp issues with various treatments available with us such as Hair Weaving, Hair Bonding, Hair Extensions and also Hair Greying. The list goes on since we have medically approved treatments that are also backed by technological advances in the form of pieces of equipment, therapies and medications. Partial and permanent baldness issues such as scalp psoriasis and Alopecia Areata, scalp infections and many such hair issues are treated with cranial scalp prosthesis, PRP, PRFM, Mesotherapy etc which are effective treatments. Contact us for a complete diagnosis and treatments for hair issues and improve your aesthetic appearance.

    Cranial Scalp Prosthesis

    A non-surgical hair replacement procedure done according to individual needs

    Hair Regrowth Treatment

    Procedures involving FUE, FUT, PRP and PRFM are performed in this treatment which is more technology-based.

    Scalp Micropigmentation

    A procedure that involves the deposition of hair follicles into the scalp as a non-surgical procedure.

    Hair Loss Therapy

    Learn about different treatment methods that are available for hair loss to regrow the hair and also prevent future hair loss.

    Scalp Psoriasis

    A hair condition that leads to severe hair loss due to the presence of infectious bacteria that are not contagious.

    Dandruff Treatment

    Know the perfect treatment for menacing dandruff issues that are commonly found in adults and youngsters too.

    Hair Greying Therapy

    Commonly found in youngsters and adults that can be reduced and managed with some medical treatments.

    Hair Transplant

    Transplanting hair with dermatologically proven methods that are easily affordable.

    Growth Factor Treatment

    A thorough examination of the scalp to provide suitable treatments that are for a minimum period.

    Hair Transplant

    The hair transplant procedure is a traditional method that is preferred by dermatological science. This is pocket-friendly and people can have a permanent solution with the thicker volume on their head beard or eyebrows. A doctor will collect follicles from the patient’s body so the patient has to provide some donor hair follicles. Non-Shave Follicular Unit Extraction Hair Transplant in Bangalore: In this procedure, the dermatological surgeon only needs to trim the donor follicle hairs that they will plan to transplant. This procedure effectively and quickly hides the fact that a patient had hair transplant surgery

    Dandruff Treatment

    Dandruff is a common problem for young adults to senior people. You need to know about the proper reasons for it and the prevention of dandruff control. A dermatologist can give you the proper diagnosis that will help you to identify the actual cause. Also, they can provide you best-medicated products and proper tips to maintain your hair. Dandruff problem is marked by scalp irritation and hair fall.

    So if you suffer from too much itchy scalp, especially after a shower or application of shampoo then contact a dermatologist. After using any herbal product, if you will not get any improvement in the dandruff problem then you should talk to a Dermatologist.

    Hair Greying Therapy

    Grey hair is a common condition we find in many of us nowadays. Sometimes grey hair is natural and sometimes premature. According to a recent study, there is no permanent cure for the greying of hair. But temporary solutions can reverse the process of greying for a while. Stress causes the hair follicles to lose their pigment.

    The stress can be either physical or mental. Insufficient nutrients in our bodies lead to premature greying. Excessive use of chemical products for hair leads to more grey hair. Vitiligo is a skin condition in which the skin loses its pigment. The body produces a pigment named noradrenalin that affects melanin and changes the colour of hair to grey.

    Hair Loss Therapy

    The hair growth cycle involves shedding 50-100 hair every day and re-grows hair in the same place. Hair loss in women may be in the form of thinning of hair and in men, receding hair and baldness. Natural Hair Bangalore offers hair loss treatments from skilled and experienced dermatologists who offer advanced solutions. Some medications such as depression, arthritis, high blood pressure, cancer and gout can cause hair loss. Excessive cornrows and pigtails that pull your hair tight also lead to temporary thinning of hair. Hair loss in patchy circular forms is a clear sign of ringworm on the scalp.

    Patchy Bald Spots – Hair loss in patchy circular forms that occur on the scalp, beard area and even on the eyebrow. Scaling Patches – The scaly patches spread over the scalp is a clear sign of ringworm.

    Scalp Micropigmentation

    Scalp micro pigmentation is the deposition of dark-colored pigment, precisely in the scaled skin which mimics the very short hairs and hides the baldness. This procedure is highly beneficial for patients who suffer from baldness or severe hair loss due to alopecia. Scalp micro pigmentation is the best pro schedule that can be a savior for the people who are facing the situation. It is a permanent solution for people who suffer from thin hair or baldness. Dermatologists who have experience in this procedure follow a proper system to complete the job perfectly.Patch Test: A patch test will help you to know if is there any kind of allergy that you can have from the ink.

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