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    Beard & Moustache Transplant In Bangalore

    Beard & Moustache Transplant in Bangalore

    “A good moustache makes a man for many reasons”

    “Get your face a gift, grow a beard”

    These are one of the popular quotes that talk about the majestic pride that beard hair and moustache hold in a man’s life.

    The current fashion statement in Bangalore seems to be the beard and moustache look. We see many people dawning the well-groomed beard and moustache look.

    Men’s facial hair, both moustache and beard are considered to be one of the primary traits of their manhood and a strong competence to display their manliness. In the competitive world, we live in, looks matter as much as intellect. There have been times when young men are mocked for their inability to grow their facial hair which leads to lower self-confidence.

    Beard and Moustache Transplant

    The reasons for low facial hair could be the following reasons:

    Beard Growth Cycle – It is a natural process for facial hair to shred a bit of its hair on daily basis.

    Medical Conditions – Hair loss conditions such as traction alopecia and alopecia areata lead to facial hair loss.

    Scars – Scars occur due to an injury or accident that destroys the hair-producing follicles on the face.

    Stress-Related Traumas – Prolonged stress due to any personal loss or health issues could also lead to facial hair loss.

    Aggressive Care – Obsessed care of facial hair with the usage of too many products also damages it.

    Medications – The heavy medicinal doses for certain conditions such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy affect facial hair growth.

    Deficiency – Mineral and vitamin deficiencies can cause the shredding of facial hair.

    Hormonal Imbalance – When there is an imbalance or loss of male hormone production, facial hair growth is affected. 

    Hereditary – Genetics also play a role in the growth of beard and moustache. If your ancestors had a thick growth of beard or moustache then you would also inherit the same.  

    The above reasons may lead to patchy hair that affects the appearance of the person. 

    Like hair transplantation on the scalp, beard and moustache transplantation can also be done. Beard and moustache transplant involves the transplantation of hair follicles from the scalp to the face. The transplantation can be either minor filling for the patches or thin coverage given to a small area of the jawline or complete restoration of the facial hair for better n thicker growth of it.

    moustache and beard transplant

    Beard and moustache transplantation proves to be advantageous for the following reasons:

    • It enhances the look of the person and makes him look younger.
    • Different styles of beard and moustache can be tried since the transplantation gives good growth of facial hair.
    • It covers the scars that have been permanently made by any past injuries due to accidents, burns or laser surgeries.
    • The surgical results are natural since there is no involvement of artificial hair. The body hormones respond well to the beard and moustache growth. 
    • It boosts the self-confidence of the person and improves overall personality. 

    The Procedure of Moustache / Beard Hair Transplantation:

    Bangalore has a number of facial hair transplant clinics that are dedicated to beard and moustache transplantation. Expert opinions and experienced hands can perform the best results-oriented procedures from this treatment.

    The common procedures for hair regeneration treatments are FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). 

    FUT procedure involves the removal of a strip of scalp to extract the hair follicles and transplant them to the bald areas of the beard and moustache areas.

    FUE procedure involves extracting individual hair follicles from the back of the scalp to transplant to the bald areas of the beard and moustache areas.

    Both the procedures provide expected results for beard transplant and moustache transplant. But the most popular method followed for hair transplantation is FUE. 

    Though the procedures for both scalp hair and facial hair transplantation are the same, the facial hair transplant requires an additional experience since the proper understanding of facial symmetry is very important.

    The cost of the procedure is decided based on the surgeon’s experience, the number of hair grafts, the infrastructure of the clinic, the location of the clinic, the tools involved in the procedure and also the protocols to be followed. 

    Considering all these factors, the surgery cost ranges between INR 50000 to INR 100000 for beard transplant and INR 50000 to INR 120000 for moustache transplant.

    The step-by-step procedures for beard and moustache transplants are given below:

    • The doctor identifies the reason for the beard and moustache loss.
    • Medical examinations are done to gauge the condition and maximize the surgery results. 
    • Based on the test results, the doctor analyses the number of hair follicles/tissues required for the transplantation and also the available follicles in the donor area (back side of the scalp). 
    • The facial symmetry is drawn and the surgical areas such as the jawline, cheeks, and moustache area are highlighted. An expert cosmetic surgeon who is specialized in artistry and aesthetics is involved in this procedure.
    • FUT OR FUE procedure is performed on the patient for beard and moustache transplant because careful implantation is to be done since the direction of hair and angle of hair changes in the growing areas of the beard and moustache. The hair follicles for the beard are placed minimally in the cheeks and jawline which would enhance further growth. For moustache growth, tiny slits are given since the hair follicles are placed in the outward and downward directions for them to grow in the same dimensions.
    • The hair follicle extractions are individually planted on the patch area. This procedure is done under the influence of local anaesthesia which lessens the pain. 
    • On completion of the procedure, the patient is sent home on the same day with the post-surgery precautions that are to be followed very strictly for best results. 
    • Post-operative care includes protecting the face area from weather conditions and pollution so it is suggested to stay indoors for a week and also restrict the intake of hard foods for a few days. The patient would be told not to shave for at least a fortnight post-surgical procedure. 
    • The above procedure can also be done for the goatee area which is also part of a facial hair transplant.

    Are Beard Hair Transplant Results Permanent?

    Yes, the beard hair transplant results are permanent. Hair transplantation is done by extracting natural hair follicles which enhances the natural growth itself. Also, there is no involvement of synthetic hair that provides only temporary results. Hence, the results are permanent. 

    How Long Does a Beard and Moustache Hair Transplant Take?

    Once the procedure begins, the transplantation is done with utmost care. If the follicles to be transplanted are in fewer numbers the procedure would be over in two hours. If more hair follicles are to be transplanted it takes up to four hours. The time slot mentioned remains the same for each of the surgeries. 

    beard and moustache hair transplant in bangalore

    What Are the Results of a Moustache Hair Transplant?

    The transplantation is 95% successful. The other factors that involve success depend on how the patient’s body reacts to the procedure and also the expertise of the surgeon. 

    Are There Any Side Effects with the Beard Hair Transplant?

    Since the transplantation surgery is done on the completion of a thorough medical examination, the chances of having side effects are almost nil. Some patients may have minor side effects such as swelling, tenderness or slight bruises which would heal in just a few days. The other common after-effects of transplantation would be hair shredding of the beard or moustache. Since the implanted hair takes time to regenerate the natural process leads to this shredding. It is a natural process and need not panic. The hair will regenerate itself even after this temporary shredding.

    Gone are the days when no facial hair was made as a source of embarrassment for men, depriving them of the respect and confidence they deserve. With the technology pouring out its exceptional ideas in Bangalore, men can be stress-free and move on with pride and confidence. 


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