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    Dandruff Treatment Bangalore

    You might dream of having beautiful hair but it is necessary to maintain your scalp along with your gentle hair. Any kind of infection especially the dandruff problem can be a huge obstacle for you to have perfect hair density. 

    Dandruff is a most common problem, but it needs proper medical attention otherwise it can damage the scalp as well as your hair.

    Dandruff can be caused due to several kinds of reasons but only the proper treatment can solve this problem. You need to know about the proper reasons for it and the prevention of dandruff control. If you gain more knowledge about dandruff, its cause, and prevention, you will not face a severe dandruff problem. You will get every detail about dandruff, its prevention, and treatment also of dandruff controlling treatment services.

    anti dandruff treatment in bangalore

     Dandruff Specialist in Bangalore

    Dandruff is a common problem for young adults to senior people. If you think, dandruff comes naturally and after some time it will be cured automatically, then you are completely wrong. Dandruff may come because, for some reason, it will not go without proper treatment. 

    People choose to use products to get rid of dandruff problems. Those products work as temporary but they can not be the permanent solution. If you need a permanent solution to solve the dandruff problem then you need special help.

    Only a dermatologist can give you the proper diagnosis that will help you to identify the actual cause of dandruff.

    Also, they can provide you best-medicated products and proper tips to maintain dandruff. The advice from a dermatologist also helps you to prevent dandruff from coming back again. 

    So, if you face any kind of dandruff problem or just face signs and symptoms of dandruff immediate contact with a dandruff specialist in Bangalore to find the permanent solution with the best treatment.

    Causes of Dandruff: 

    Dandruff is a common problem in everyone’s life. But the reason for dandruff may differ from person to person. Here the common causes of dandruff will be discussed: 

    1. Oily scalp is prone to dandruff. Because oily scalp catches pollution and dirt very easily.
    2. Not properly cleaning the scalp also enhances the chance of dandruff.
    3. A dry scalp is also prone to dandruff problems as those create flakes and itching very much.
    4. The hard chemical-based shampoo also increases the chance of dandruff as they destroy the natural moisturizer of the scalp.
    5. Hormonal issues also involve dandruff problems during puberty in young adults. 
    6. Sensitive skins are also prone to dandruff.
    7. Any kind of scalp infection like psoriasis chance of dandruff.
    8. Any reaction involved with the immune system or fungal infection or bacterial infection also involves a dandruff problem. 
    9. Stress also effector the involvement with a dandruff problem.
    10. Dehydration of the scalp skin or body is also involved in dandruff problems. 
    Dandruff Treatment Bangalore

    When to Seek Medical Help for Dandruff? 

    Although dandruff is a common problem it needs medical attention if anyone wants a permanent solution. The dandruff problem becomes severe because people do not give much attention in the first place to this problem. 

    Mostly, when you face the sign and symptoms of dandruff problems at a higher level then you should visit a dermatologist. 

    Let’s see when the tender problem needs medical help to solve.

    1. Dandruff problem is marked by scalp irritation and hair fall. So if you suffer from too much itchy scalp, especially after a shower or application of shampoo then contact a dermatologist.
    2. Gradually silver color flakes which means a dry scalp, will fall whenever you comb your hair. 
    3. Gradually the itching area will become red and will cause pain after itching. 
    4. After using any herbal product, if you will not get any improvement in the dandruff problem then you should talk to a dermatologist. 

    How Is Dandruff Diagnosed?

    If you feel an itching scalp especially when your scalp becomes sweaty, then it is a sign of a dandruff problem.

    You may feel itching and irritation when applying any chemical-based shampoo or hair growth oil during the shower.

    Your hair loss will become more frequent than normal, especially during combing.

    Especially on the crown area of your head, will be itchy and irritate most.

    You will feel small white bumps on the crown or temple area of your head, that gradually turn red. 

    Sticky and oily deposition of dirt and pollution on the temple and crown area. 

    Falling white scale-like skin flakes whenever you comb your hair and sticky skin flakes are especially visible on dark colored dresses.

    Gradually, when the problem becomes severe, you will feel pain in the redness part of the crown area. 

    If you feel one of these symptoms then it is pretty sure you have dandruff on your scalp.

    You should visit a Dermatologist and they will be diagnosed properly whether you have a dandruff problem or any other scalp infection that is associated with dandruff. 

    How Can Dandruff Be Prevented?

    Dandruff can be prevented easily if it will be diagnosed in the first stage, so consult with a dermatologist as early as possible. 

    Dandruff can be prevented by following some easy tips. These tips are highly beneficial to preventing dandruff. Let’s see what are those helpful tips: 

    1. Always use an herbal product instead of chemical-based shampoo and hair oil.
    2. Maintain scalp hygiene properly.
    3. Wash your hair properly regularly and also comb your hair daily.
    4. Drink water daily to avoid dehydration.
    5. Use medicated products suggested by dermatologists properly.
    6. Stop taking too much stress and avoid smoking as much as possible.
    7. If any hormonal problem arises then also consult a doctor.
    8. Dandruff-oriented scalp infections are communicable so avoid using other towels or hair brushes.
    9. Cover your hair whenever go outside to prevent communication with pollution and dirt. 
    10. Always clean your hair with brushes or a hair Comb, use shampoo to remove dirt and pollution. 
    11. If you have a dry scalp then use natural oils like pure virgin coconut oil, castor oil, almond oil, and olive oil twice a week. 
    12. If your scalp becomes too much itchy and skin flakes are falling whenever you come to your hair or itch the scalp.
    13. If you feel redness in the itching area and also feel pain then you need to contact the doctor.
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    How Can Dandruff Be Treated? 

    Dermatologists will diagnose the actual cause of dandruff through some technical procedure. After identification of the reason that causes dandruff, then treat the dandruff problem to eliminate it permanently. 

    Dermatologists will prescribe some medicated shampoo and oil that will help to reduce the dandruff problem. If the problem does not cure by the shampoo or oil which has prescribed by doctors then they will treat the problem with oral medicines containing steroids. 

    The treatment of dandruff also depends on the scalp type of the patient. The treatment types of oily scalp and dry scalp are different from each other.

    Dandruff problem does not only depend on the diagnosis and treatment of the dermatologist. It also depends on how the patient properly follows the instruction given by the doctors. 

    When you visit the dermatologist, ask them properly about the use of medicated shampoo and oil. After that always follow the proper instruction written behind the product and do the same.

    You have to maintain your scalp hygiene by cleaning the scalp properly at least twice a week. 

    If you have an oily scalp, then regular hygiene maintenance is necessary otherwise dandruff treatment will not work properly.

    In case of a dry scalp, you should maintain the scalp by oiling it at least twice a week. Natural and Virgin hair oils will lock the moisturization to your scalp so, it will not become dry and prevent dandruff. 

    If you feel any kind of irritation while applying those medicated products, must consult with your dermatologist. They will surely prescribe alternative products to treat the dandruff problem.

    Maybe the dandruff problem is common but you should treat the problem with proper attention. Whenever you see the least amount of signs and symptoms of a dandruff problem must consult with a dandruff specialist in Bangalore for a permanent solution. Once you have the solution please maintain it for a longer time so dandruff cannot come back again.

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