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    Dermaroller Treatment for Hair Loss In Bangalore

    Nowadays, hair loss problems are a common factor in everyone’s life. Generally, hair loss is a natural phenomenon that means old hair will fall and new hair will grow and be replaced in free space on the scalp. but the problem arises when the immature hair falls in more amount and the space do not replace by the new hair. This condition is known as hair loss. 

    There are several factors associated with hair loss like alopecia as well as chemotherapy treatment for cancer. To prevent hair loss, so many products and treatments are now available. But dermatological science presents a revolutionary device that can increase the effectiveness of all those medicines and hair products. This device is nothing but a Dermaroller.

    What Is Dermaroller Treatment? 

    It is a medical device used to treat hair loss problems. It is effective in the treatment of hair loss problems. These small devices are recommended by new-generation dermatologists. According to their opinion, this device is effective against hair loss as well as helps to regrowth of hair. 

    dermaroller treatment for hair

    This device has micro needles and those needles are very small (0.25 mm to 1.5 mm). When people roll this device on their scalp, the needles puncture holes on the scalp so that the remedial qualities of oil can easily reach the hair follicle. 

    These devices need some care like regular cleaning as well as maintenance of hygiene otherwise they will not provide the service for the long term. To know more about this device, read stay with us to know all the details about the Dermaroller treatment for hair loss.  

    Can Dermaroller Regrow Lost Hair?

    Yes, this device can regrow lost hair on the scalp. This device causes tiny punctures only on the scalp skin which activates and regenerates hair cells. According to dermatological science, These devices boost collagen production in the scalp which results in stronger and thicker new hair on the scalp. Not only that it also prevents the loss of hair. To know about it in more detail, it is important to know about the hair cycle before. There is two part of the hair cycle, that stimulates hair growth. The anagen phase where hair cells divide rapidly results in new hair growth. 

    dermaroller treatment bangalore

    Telogen phase where here begins to fall as hair follicles prematurely enter a resting phase. The Dermaroller does not allow the hair to become nutrient deficient and weak and stops the hair fall. People can oil their hair after derma rolling for the best Dermaroller results. Through this procedure, Dermaroller prevents hair loss, the scalp absorbs higher nutrients and controls hair from shedding in the telogen phase. With Dermaroller people can control their hair loss to the extent that it is within 50 to 100 strands of everyday hair loss. 

    Dermaroller increases blood circulation on the scalp whenever people massage their scalp with this device. Dermatological research proved that increased blood flow to the scalp results increases hair growth and thickness. Thus this device helps with hair regrowth.

    So it is sure that once people start the Dermaroller hair treatment, they get thicker and stronger hair.

     Dermaroller increases the blood flow which provides essential oxygen to the hair follicle and nutrient supply so the hair strands grow more robust and thicker.

    Besides those benefits, Dermaroller also helps with hair growth as it stimulates collagen production. Collagen prevents hair thinning and promotes new hair growth in the anagen phase of the hair cycle. Collagen deposition in higher amounts around the hair follicles ensured that newly grown hair will be strong. 

    Derma rollers also prevent hair fall during the hair cycle as it allows absorption of topical solutions like minoxidil which is a topical medicine for hair loss. 

    How Long Does It Take for a Derma Roller to Regrow Hair?

    Dermaroller generally shows results within 8 to 10 weeks but it depends on the natural ability of the patient. Also, hair fall can affect the result of Dermaroller. If there is any kind of disease like alopecia in the patient’s body, then the result will be delayed. It also depends on the quality of hair products.

     If the hair products are good and natural quality then they will easily be absorbed by the scalp and shows a good amount of hair regrowth on the scalp. So, some factors can affect the Dermaroller treatment and its result. People should use this device repeatedly, especially if the results take time. Use of this device twice a week is enough and people should not use it more than that. 

    How Effective Is a Derma Roller for Hair Growth?

    At first, this device was used by dermatologists to heal the scar on the skin but now they recommend this device for hair loss treatment. Dermaroller is effective to improve blood circulation on the scalp and also stimulates cell regeneration, it creates a healthy situation for hair to grow. These devices offer so many effective benefits for hair fall treatment which are given below: 

    1. The microneedles of the Dermaroller stimulate the pores on the scalp whenever people use it. Because of the pore hair products are quickly absorbed by the scalp and the dermal layer gets a boost. And the hair products can work properly.
    2. Dermaroller also increases the blood flow in the scalp which stimulates hair growth as well as thickening. Because these divides trigger the natural ability of hair regrowth and regeneration of collagen and elastin.
    3. This device also ensures that the scalp can get an adequate amount of oxygen supply which encourages the blood flow within the hair root area. And the result will be hair growth in a good amount on the scalp.
    4. This device not only increases the chance of hair regrowth but also stimulates an anagen phase of hair germination. This is the phase when hair follicles start to grow and from the hair follicle new hairs come out. The new hairs become stronger as well as thicker because of the higher collagen deposition surrounding the hair follicles.
    5. Not only hair growth, but this device is also effective to reduce hair loss. When the hair follicle enters a phase called catagen where the lower hair follicles start to shrink and hair growth dramatically started to cease then this device helps to prevent hair shedding. 
    6. After using the Dermaroller people can use hair oils and they will get the best result.

    Does Derma Roller Work for Hairline?

    Is Dermaroller work for hairlines many people get a different results in their hairline between 8 to 10 weeks of using a derma roller. When people use Dermaroller on their scalp it makes several small pores all over the scalp and helps to absorb hair oils and other hair product that promotes hair growth. So people can easily get their new hairline with the use of this device.

    So, people who are suffering from hair loss problems can try these amazing revolutionary devices. Take the expert’s advice before using the Dermaroller and also check the device before the application. It is a highly pocket-friendly here loss treatment that can be used by every people.

    So if people are interested to know more about the device should talk with the best dermatologists in Bangalore because only the best advice can results in the best. It is a little risky because it also does some side effects if used in an excess amount. So it will be better to ask the dermatologist and take the proper advice. Only people will get good results with the Dermaroller treatment for hair loss. 

    dermaroller treatment bangalore for hair
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