Scalp Micropigmentation(SMP) Treatment in Bangalore

Looking for baldness treatment that is non-surgical, painless and also effective? SMP is the current trend in the world of hair replacement techniques.

Hair loss has different reasons and scalp baldness occurs at the age as early as 30 years. We all look for solutions other than hair products that are chemical-based and expensive hair transplant services. SMP, also known as Scalp Micro Pigmentation is a process that uses pigments to implant on bald areas to generate new hair in a few weeks. The procedure generates small hair on the scalp that enhances the appearance of the recipient.

It is also known by different names in the world of hair cosmetics such as scalp tattooing, medical tattooing and hair tattooing.

It is a non-surgical procedure and also painless since there is the usage of local anesthesia. Another notable point of this treatment is, it would be completed on the same day and the routine activities will not be hindered by it. It is completely safe and highly recommended by the best dermatologists and hair experts. It is very much affordable and the results are seen in just a few weeks. The procedure for hair pigment implants through Scalp Micro Pigmentation is very simple and offers a pleasant experience too during the treatment. The process begins with the doctors claiming all the details of the medical history and knowing about any allergies or notable deficiencies that they need to be aware of before the treatment begins.

Upon completion of the formalities, the client is asked to rest on the seat and the doctors administer the local anesthesia for numbness in the scalp. Injecting of the pigments begins at different places on the scalp. These pigments are absorbed by the layers of the scalp. It stays on the scalp for a period of 3 to 6 months.

The number of sessions required for this procedure differs from person to person. Mostly one session would be enough but in case the hair thickness is expected to be more, a few more sessions would be recommended for the completion of the procedure.

Can Micro Scalp Pigmentation Be Removed?

Yes, the scalp pigmentation can be removed. It is not a permanent hair solution so due to wear and tear over reasons factors such as climatic changes, lifestyle changes, and post-care of scalp pigmentation, it would drastically wear off.

If the recipient wants it to be removed much before its deadlines, and then there are two ways for it:

Laser Method – Since it is similar to a tattoo it can be removed with the help of the laser technique. It would require a few sittings of laser treatment to completely remove the scalp micro pigmentation.

Natural Method – Sunlight is the best option available to naturally remove the pigmentation. Exposure of the scalp to sunlight leads to the slow removal of the pigmentation.

Does Micro Scalp Pigmentation Look Real?

Micro scalp pigmentation looks very much real. The most important factor that makes it possible is choosing the best scalp micro pigmentation in Bangalore. Hair micro pigmentation experts in Bangalore play a major role in the success rates of this treatment. Once you look for trusted experts you are in safe hands.

The injected pigments are the microdots created for the generation of hair follicles. So the hair is grown that looks just like natural hair without any impression of fake hair. There are a few precautions taken by dermatologists to make the hair look more real.

If the person is partially bald the hair expert advises the recipient to shave the head before the pigmentation procedure to make sure the pigmentation is uniformly achieved.

During the process, the scalp is thoroughly cleansed before the pigmentation begins. The pigmentation is done very carefully to make sure the hair implants come evenly on the scalp to make it look more natural.

To ensure the best results, the recipient is advised not to expose the scalp to sunlight and any strenuous activity should be avoided since stress will hinder the hair follicles’ growth and the desired results might not be achieved.

The pigmented hair color will match the recipient’s original hair color to give a more realistic look.

With all these precautions the hair looks naturally beautiful without any traces of fakeness.

Can You Still Grow Hair After Scalp Micro-Pigmentation?

Scalp micro pigmentation does not support hair growth naturally. It does not damage or affect any hair loss for the existing hair too.

Scalp micro pigmentation is not a treatment for hair loss. It is a treatment for hair replacement. Though growing natural hair is not possible, a few kinds of styling can be done if there is natural hair already present on the sides of the scalp or the top of the head to cover the SMP follicles.

Natural Hair Bangalore has scalp micro pigmentation in Bangalore that has the best solutions for baldness in both men and women. The treatments are given by certified experts who are thoroughly knowledgeable in this field of hair cosmetology.


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