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    Growth Factor Treatment for Hair Loss

    Nowadays, most people are suffering from hair loss problems and so many reasons that can cause hair loss. But there is no effective solution to this problem. Now dermatological science has a new solution to solve this problem which is known as growth factor therapy. Here, all the details about this therapy will be provided to you. 

    What Is Growth Factor Therapy for Hair?

    Growth factor therapy is a treatment where growth factor is used to stimulate the hair follicle cell. Growth factors are full of proteins platelets as well as activator cells that stimulate the help follicle and help hair grow back on the scalp.


    Growth Factor for Hair Loss Bangalore
    growth factors treatment for hair loss

    Does Growth Factor Work for Hair Growth?

    Dermatologists examine the scalp properly and also check the overall health of the patient through a medical diagnosis. It helps dermatologists to identify what is the proper cause of hair fall so the dermatologist can plant the treatment according to it.

    Dermatologists advise taking one session per month and they also advise continuing that treatment for 3 to 6 sessions. The total matter depends on the degree of hair loss for people with a strong family history of hair loss. The total treatment needs maintenance once in three months to sustain hair growth. The level of vitamins and ferritin in the blood has to be ensured so that therapy can provide the best result. Therapy has no kind of side effects as the growth factors are collected from the patient’s blood. The treatment procedure is done under minimal local anesthesia and completely observed by an expert dermatologist.

     Not only that that treatment needs very minimal time to perform. The duration of 1 or 2 hours and there is also no downtime. At first, dermatologists collect blood from the patient’s arm in small amounts. 

    After the collection, the blood sample is put into a machine known as a centrifuge machine. It is a medical instrument that separates the blood and its corpuscles into different layers. The blood sample has to centrifuge for 10 minutes to collect the growth promoter which is a plasma layer full of platelets. 

    The platelets that reach plasma are the growth factor that will be collected in an injection syringe by the dermatologist. Then the serum which has rich growth factors the fibroblast and the cells injected into the scalp skin. Gradually these growth promoters stimulate the hair follicle and improve the hair quality as well as reduce the hair fall significantly.

    The new hair will come on the scalp after the application of the growth factor and also, the new hair will have extra volume than the previous. Because growth promoters not only activate the hair follicle cell but also increase the collagen deposition around the hair follicle. Excess deposition of collagen makes the new hair stronger as well as thicker in volume so new hair takes time to fall and also turns darker in color. 

    According to dermatological science, growth promoters are highly effective to treat hair loss problems and also help to grow new hair on the scalp. As this procedure is very simple to perform so any patients suffering from excessive hair loss, alopecia, or side effect of chemotherapy can easily take the help of this procedure. This procedure will provide the best result to the patient who is suffering from excessive hair loss because for any kind of reason.

    growth factor treatment for hair

    What to Expect After Growth Factor Therapy Treatment? 

    There is so much evidence that proves growth factor therapy provides a new opportunity for the patient suffering from hair loss. Almost 60% of patients have the best result in the treatment of hair loss problems. Growth factor therapy to treat hair loss problems can full fill so many expectations of the patient.

    1. This procedure is completely safe and highly effective than other treatments for hair loss problems.
    2. These procedures take very less time to perform and patients do not have to wait a long time after the treatment.
    3. Patients do not have to admit to the clinic for the treatment procedure.
    4. This treatment procedure is not so much expensive so every patient can easily afford this.
    5. This procedure is highly safe for everyone as a growth factor is taken from the patient’s blood. And the growth factor is prepared with the best medical expertise.
    6. This growth factor stimulates the hair follicle cells on the scalp after being injected into the scalp’s skin.
    7. Not only that the growth factor also promotes collagen formation near the hair follicle cell.
    8. This amount of collagen formation also thicker the new hair so the quality of the hair will be improved from the previous type.
    9. The growth promoter also helps to make a new hairline that can change the facial structure and make it more attractive.
    10. This procedure is easy to maintain and the patient can easily perform a total of six sessions and will experience the best result.
    11. It is a procedure do not involve any kind of heavy surgery and with the help of just one simple injection needle, this procedure can easily be performed by an experienced dermatologist.
    12. The dermatologist will use the injection on the patient’s scalp where hair regrowth is needed. 
    13. Patients will not feel any kind of pain as local anesthesia in mild form is used during the treatment.
    14. Mind anesthesia in a minimum amount does not cause any kind of nervous problem to the patient.
    15. No kind of scar or surgery mark will be visible after the treatment as only just a tiny injection will be posted no kind of scar surgery mark will be visible after the treatment as only just tiny injection will be pushed on the scalp skin on the scalp.
    16. The statement is highly effective against the hair loss problem caused by alopecia and chemotherapy.
    17. No Kindle side effects will be observed after the treatment as the growth factor is collected from the patients on blood and the body will never reject the formula.

    The statement procedure is a revolutionary one that opens a new dimension of dermatological science. This procedure is effective to treat hair loss problems. So people who suffer from hair loss problems find the best dermatological clinic and best experience dermatologist in Bangalore to have the growth factor therapy treatment for hair loss problems.

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