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    Hair Bonding at Bangalore

    best hair bonding in bangalore

    Hair bonding  in Bangalore

    Hair loss is one of the major issues that many are facing in Bangalore due to many factors such as pollution, stress, unhealthy lifestyle and even genetic factors. With the advancement of technology, many solutions have been researched and successfully rendered to people.  Certified hair experts are available in hair and skin clinics across Bangalore who can perform the hair bonding process with international standards.

    Hair extensions are a popular and palpable method implemented to have voluminous hair without having to encounter the tedious procedures of surgeries.

     What Is Hair Bonding Treatment?

    Hair bonding is one of the popular methods of hair extensions. Considered one of the best solutions for baldness, it is also medically approved. The benefits of hair bonding are many compared to other hair extensions.

    Hair Bonding services are by benefitted many in Bangalore.

    Hair bonding is a non-surgical medical procedure in which artificial hair is added to your original hair with the help of adhesives that are dermatologically tested and safe for hair. However, the tracks are removed after two weeks as a precautionary measure to avoid any hair damage. 

    Silicon bonding is another popular method of hair bonding which is also a permanent form of hair extension. In this process, the hair experts check for bald areas and measure them. The bald areas are shaved completely. The artificial hair is glued to the shaven scalp with the help of silicon bond glue. Since the adhesives are water-proof they last for a month and regular activities such as combing and shampooing can be done hassle-free. 

    Why Hair Bonding Treatment?

    Flexibility – hair bonding proves to be highly advantageous for the ones who would want to have flexible hairstyles according to the occasion. Most of the stars in the television and film industry adopt hair bonding techniques since they need to change their looks more often. 

    Affordable – Hair bonding treatment is very much affordable since it has no surgical procedures and the hair extensions available are pocket-friendly.

    Does Not Restrict Hair Growth – Few methods of hair extensions come with a risk that restricts hair growth. Whereas in the hair bonding technique, hair growth is not restricted since the extensions are adhesive-based and are attached to the hair and not to the scalp.

    Suitable for All Hair Textures – whether the hair is thick or thin long or short, straight or curly, wavy or coily, hair bonding provides an extension to all kinds of hair.

    Hair Bonding in Bangalore

    Non-Surgical – Most hair extensions involve surgical procedures but hair bonding does not involve any surgical procedure. That indeed saves a lot of time, money and procedures involved.

    Facts of Hair Bonding

    Here are listed some of the facts about hair bonding that throw more light on it:

    • Hair bonding is a medically approved procedure involving expert dermatologists, making it more recommendable. 
    • It is the best option to make hair look more stylish and also assorted hairstyles can be endeavoured.
    • The hair bonding procedure is completed an hour after the initial discussions. The results are immediately visible, unlike other treatments that take fewer weeks to show the expected results. 
    • Post-treatment care is very easy and simple like using hair products such as hair gel, shampoo, conditioner and hair serum recommended by the doctor only. Also, there are no frequent weekly follow-up visits for this treatment. 
    • Hair bonding gives a natural look since very skilful and expert hands are involved in the procedure.
    • Natural hair stands unharmed since the hair tissues are not disturbed in the process. 
    • A study says every year one million people adopt hair bonding treatment every year making it a reliable option.
    • The re-setting of hair is done in 1-3 months considering both external and internal factors such as sweat on the scalp, weather changes and also the PH level maintained in our body. 
    • Since it is a temporary hair hairpiece, it is pocket-friendly.
    • Not many chemicals are used in this process. Only two products are used which are glue and epoxy resin. These products are skin friendly and dry faster and stay density making hair look more natural and last for a few weeks even with a normal hair care routine. 
    • Hair bonding treatment causes very minimal side effects such as dry hair or frizzy and dull hair that can be repaired with good hair products prescribed by the doctor. 
    • The recovery time for this procedure is as less as 24 hours. 
    • Though the procedure has minimal steps, it is very important to have an expert opinion. Consider a popular and experienced doctor for amazing results. 
    • Hair bonding is not a permanent hair extension which allows trying different hair textures, colours, densities and lengths.
    • The hair bonding therapy cost ranges from fifty thousand to one lakh depending on the individual’s condition and also other factors such as the selection of the hair type and the number of follow-ups required. 
    hair bonding in bangalore

    Who Can Go for Hair Bonding?

    Tresses add to our confidence and undoubtedly beautiful mane increases our self-confidence. Loss of hair brings a lot of stress with it and hair bonding can help in making ourselves feel better. When growing natural hair is far-fetched, hair bonding comes to the rescue. The following hair issues can be treated with hair bonding:

    Declining Hair – when the hair loss is consistent and would want to feel confident with a better mane, hair bonding is the option.

    Rapid Thinning of the Hair – when there is extreme hair loss and the top of the head starts losing more hair then it is termed as thinning of hair. It can be covered by hair bonding.

    Hair Loss in the Crown or Frontal Region – The middle part of the head is known as the crown area. When hair loss is too much in this area, this therapy is a good option.

    Hair Growth Only in the Back and Sides of the Scalp – when there is complete baldness in the head except for the back and side scalps, hair bonding is a predominant solution.

    Hair Loss in Patches – Hair loss in circular patches also known as Alopecia Areata creates circular patches of hair loss and gets more noticeable. Hair bonding is an apt solution for it. 

    How Does  Bonded Hair Extension Benefit?

    No Damage to Hair Scalp – Hair therapies and treatments sometimes come at a cost causing damage to the scalp such as wounds on the scalp or damage to the hair tissues. Hair bonding does not damage the scalp in any way since the extensions given are attached to the hair and not the scalp.

     Duration – since it is an adhesive-based hair extension it takes very less time to attach it to the hair. Another advantage here is, that this hair extension stays on for 2-3 months when the post-procedure care is followed. 

    An Array of Styles – Since hair bonding is a comfortable option for hair extension; it gives an array of hairstyles like long hair, short hair, colourful streaks and suits for all types of hair. 

    Time-Saving – Hair bonding is not time-consuming in contrast to other hair extensions that involve surgical procedures. It takes just a few hours for analyzing and placing the hair extensions that are also comfortable and painless.

    No Restrictions on Regular Hair Care – Hair bonding encourages regular shampooing, combing, driving and even swimming, unlike other hair extension treatments that do not approve the above activities immediately.

    As a famous saying goes “Life can’t be perfect but your hair can be”, the hair bonding process is one of the best hair extension processes and Bangalore has expert hands in this process which proves to be more advantageous.  

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