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    Hair Extensions in Bangalore

    Hair Extensions in Bangalore

    Bangalore is a city that creates a buzz with its upcoming fashion trends frequently. It is a city that allows trying on different stylish hair for different occasions. Expert hair stylists suggest easy hair extensions that are trendy among the crowd. Let us learn more about hair extension services in the information given below.

    Hair augmentation made by using artificial hair or natural hair to enhance the look of the person is known as hair extensions. It is used to increase the hair volume to avoid the appearance of a bad haircut, hair damage, and improper growth of hair and can also add colour to hair by using coloured hair extensions without the usage of chemicals or even to enhance the look. 

    Hair extension clinics in Bangalore have options for both temporary and permanent hair extensions. They are made using either natural hair or artificial synthetic hair. The prices of each hair extension vary depending on the type of hair extension chosen by us. Artificial synthetic hair is not recommended by the experts, hence the demand for natural hair extensions is huge. Few hair extensions can be used by us only but a few hair extensions require hair professionals’ assistance. 

    hair extensions in bangalore

    Is Permanent Hair Extension Possible?

    Permanent hair extensions are available according to the requirement of length or volume of the hair. Bead extension, also known as Micro ring hair extensions is one of the popular permanent hair extensions used across. They last from 6 to 8 months. It requires a professional to attach it to the scalp and they consist of microbeads coated with copper. The copper content will wear out in 4-6 weeks which is when the beads would be replaced. Bead hair extensions can be washed with paraben-free shampoos and they will be ready for re-use.

    What Is the Life of Permanent Hair Extensions?

    A permanent hair extension’s lifespan depends on its quality of it and also the maintenance techniques followed. If the hair extension is of high-grade quality and has good in-salon maintenance then they last from 8 to 10 months.

    Will Hair Grow Back After Extensions?

    Hair extensions are attached directly to the scalp by using different methods such as hot glue or tapes or microbeads. These methods do highlight the risk of hair damage that comes along with the glam and glory of beautiful hair extensions. The extended use of hair extensions does cause visible damage to hair such as split ends, breakage and hair loss. 

    The hair growth after the usage of extensions depends on gauging the levels of hair loss that have occurred. If the hair loss is minimal then a good hair regime and healthy diet practices and shunning away from hair extensions for a while should regenerate hair in less than two months. If the hair damages are extensive due to continuous usage of hair extensions then the hair may not revive.

    Are Hair Extensions Worth It?

    Hair extensions are worthy since it enhances our beauty with natural mane without affecting our hair with chemical usage. Hair extensions prove to be beneficial for the following reasons:

    Multiple Styling Ideas

    Hair extensions allow trying different hairstyles such as straightening, perming, curling and hair colouring without damaging the natural hair.

    Easy Maintenance

    Hair extensions can be washed and reused just like the way we treat our natural hair.

    permanent hair extensions in bangalore

    Array of Collections

    Hair extensions are available in many varieties that cater to different needs whether it’s in the category of length or volume or colour. 

    Hides Split Ends

    Split ends are considered a major dilemma faced by many women. Using hair extensions gives an easy solution to covering the split ends.


    Since the hair extensions are not chemical based and are made using natural hair they are very much reliable.

    Boosts the Self-Confidence

    Whether the issue is baldness or split hair or bad hair, hair extensions prove to be the one-stop solution that boosts self-confidence as it increases the length and volume of hair making it look more beautiful.

    Long-Lasting and Comfortable

    Hair extensions are made of natural hair making them long-lasting and comfortable too since they are painless.

    What are the Different Types of Hair Extensions?

    Hair extensions are available in different types according to usage and duration.

    Clip-in Hair Extensions

    If you are a first-time user of hair extensions, Clip-ins are the best ones, to begin with. These clips are easy to wear within minutes and also secure to the scalp. Clip-in hair extensions blend easily with natural hair making it look voluminous and also hassle-free. It is available in different styles and colours.

    Tape-in Hair Extensions

    As the name suggests, tapes are used to secure hair extensions to the scalp. Keratin double-sided tapes that have 2 inches of thickness are used to glue the hair extensions on either side of the hair and they need not be removed every day. Tape-ins can be used from 2 to 4 months and needs to be put up by a professional.

    best hair extensions in bangalore

    Weave-in Hair Extensions

    This type of hair extension is beneficial for thick-haired people. Firstly the cornrows are made with natural hair on the scalp and then the hair extensions are woven into the natural hair with the usage of specially designed threads and needles. This process takes a few hours to complete. Thin hair people may not find it very beneficial since its heaviness of it can give a strained feeling to the head. Weave-ins can be used from 3 to 4 months and is recommended to remove them after the given duration to retain the health of natural hair. 

    Fusion Hair Extensions

    Fusion or pre-bonded extensions are hair extensions that are glued to the natural hair with the help of a hot glue gun and it lasts from 4 to 6 months.

    The hair extensions will have silicon lining too for protecting the hair from hot glue damage. A thorough professional is recommended for this procedure and it takes 6 to 8 hours to attach fusion hair extensions.

    Bang Extensions

    Bang extensions are the talk of the town in the current scenario. They are quite popular since it does not involve a lot of time or any hair changes to be made. The process is as simple as hair partitioning and clipping the extensions to get a trendy look. 


    Wigs are like the brainchild of hair extensions. They have introduced a few decades ago. Wigs will have a net base that usually covers the entire head and has easy maintenance since only brushing is recommended. Natural wig lasts up to one year whereas synthetic ones last for only 3 to 4 months. 

    What is the Best Method for Hair Extensions?

    Every hair extension variety has its benefits depending on the motive and duration it is used for. 

    Among all the extensions, clip-ins and weave-in hair extensions are considered to be the best. 

    Clip-ins are recommended since they are easy to use daily and styling and colour can be changed according to our convenience. The clips are sensitive and made with silicon and can be fixed with very minute pressure on the scalp that does not damage the scalp. Another advantage is, that the clip-ins can be maintained without any need for a professional hair stylist. 

    Weave-ins are beneficial since there is no use of any adhesives or heat to attach them to the hair. The application of oil and hair styling products is safe. There are no visible gaps in the weaving method hence it looks more natural. The weaving method is safe on the scalp too and it won’t damage the hair follicles. 

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