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    Hair Greying Therapy Bangalore

    Hair Greying Therapy in Bangalore

    One of the fashion capitals of India, Bangalore has many trendy hair styling hubs that enhance the looks and self-confidence of people.  Premature greying is a common setback that comes in the way of beautification techniques. Though hair colour is considered one of the easy options to keep away the grey phenomenon, there are competent therapists in this city who give valuable suggestions to the greying issue. Let us read ahead to know the hair greying therapy in Bangalore.

    Why Do We Get Grey Hair?

    Grey hair is a common condition we find in many of us nowadays. Sometimes grey hair is natural and sometimes premature. The common age for greying is considered to be 30 and above. But when the greying of hair happens within 25years that is considered to be premature greying. The reasons vary from person to person. Our body produces a substance called melanin that gives colour to our hair. When the melanin content becomes less the hair turns grey.

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    How Can You Permanently Cure Grey Hair?

    According to a recent study, there is no permanent cure for the greying of hair since it depends on the individual’s melanin content in the body. But there are temporary solutions that can reverse the process of greying for a while depending on the implementation of lifestyle changes and healthy habits that would help in improving the hair shafts of the individuals. There are also hair treatments that naturally reduce the greying of hair. The debate on grey hair reversibility continues to be unanswered since the research is still on and there are no successful theories to prove it. 

    Hair Greying Therapy Bangalore

    What Causes Hair to Turn Grey? 

    In the current scenario where we are exposed to extreme weather conditions, stress, and lifestyle changes, many factors come together to increase the greying of hair. 

     The following can be the different reasons for grey hair:


    Melanin is the substance in our body that produces colour in hair follicles. As we get older the hair follicles produced become less which leads to greying of the hair.


    Our ancestry and genetics play an important role in hair colour. The greying of hair can start as early as, the age of 20 years or 30 years depending on our ancestral tree.


    Stress causes the hair follicles to lose their pigment and that in turn changes the hair colour to grey. The stress can be either physical or mental. 


    Deficiency occurs when the body does not get the required nutrients to keep itself healthy. Insufficient nutrients in our bodies lead to premature greying. It’s important to keep a tab on our vitamin B12 and thyroid levels since these two deficiencies reportedly cause more greying of hair.  

    Chemical Hair Products

    Excessive use of chemical products for hair proves to be the other reason for greying of hair. Some products such as shampoo, hair colours, and hair bleaching products contain harmful chemicals that reduce the melanin in our bodies. 

    Other Factors That May Contribute to the Grey Hair

    Autoimmune Diseases

    Autoimmune is a condition where our immune system fails to judge the difference between foreign cells and our cells. This leads to the attack on healthy cells by our immune system that gives a rise to diseases and disorders. The autoimmune skin disorder named Alopecia areata destroys melanin and produces more grey hair. 


    Cigarette contains tobacco and nicotine which are considered to be toxins for our body. These toxins compress blood vessels which restrict proper blood flow to the scalp and affect melanin production, therefore, leading to premature greying of the hair. 


    It is a skin condition in which the skin loses its pigment from a few areas of the skin. The skin forms white patches all over and the scalp too can be affected by it. The scalp loses melanin and destroys the original hair colour. Later it forms grey hair and becomes irreversible.

    Psychological Stress

    Stress disturbs the entire processes in our body. The body reacts in extreme ways to alarm us about the ill effects caused by it. The body produces a pigment named noradrenalin that affects melanin and changes the colour of hair to grey.   


    When the body undergoes physical trauma such as illness, accidents, surgery and body burn, the cells in our body undergo huge stress and the stress increases the noradrenalin and results in hair greying.



    City life faces the pollution factor on daily basis. Pollution can affect our bodies both internally and externally. It leads to the release of harmful chemicals in different forms that damages the hair follicles leading to greying of hair.

    Hormonal Changes

    The hormonal change that happens in our body also causes greying of hair. The hormones such as estrogen, progesterone and cortisol levels vary due to extreme stress and lead to greying of hair. 

    Can You Prevent Grey Hair?

    The natural greying of hair due to the ageing process cannot be prevented but premature greying can be prevented with a few precautionary measures and lifestyle changes.

    Hair Greying Treatment Bangalore

    Taking Vitamin Supplements

    Vitamin supplements help in reducing the deficiency giving the way for melanin production required for the hair. 

    Stress Management

    Avoiding stressful situations may not be possible but many techniques can be utilized to manage the stress whether it is physical or psychological. Regular exercising and meditation help in reducing stress. Maintaining a healthy life and de-stressing ourselves reduces the greying of hair. 

    Treating Health Disorders

    Recognizing the disorders and addressing them by taking proper medications helps in reducing the ill effects of the disorders and helps to reduce the greying of hair.

    Avoiding Smoking

    Studies have repeatedly proven the ill effects of smoking. When the accumulation of nicotine reduces in our body, melanin production increases and the greying of hair can be reduced.

    Good Diet

    Sometimes external factors are not the only reason for greying of hair. How healthy is our body internally also is important. The everyday diet we follow may not be sufficient for our body to produce enough melanin. A balanced diet rich in nutrients can help in compensating for the nutrient deficiencies in our bodies. Vitamin and iron-rich diet will improve the production of melanin. Food rich in antioxidants such as fruits, vegetables, fish, olive oils and green tea can be helpful. 

    Abandoning Harsh Hair Products

    Replacing harsh chemical shampoos and bleaching agents with natural products is a good option. Most hair products contain hydrogen peroxide which leads to greying of hair. Choose your product well to have healthy hair. 

    Increase the Water Intake

    Water has the best minerals which are highly effective in increasing hair follicles. Keeping ourselves hydrated keeps the toxins away making way for good blood circulation too. 

    Hair Wash with Clean Water 

    With the amount of pollution in city life, the hair loses its ability to protect itself from the harsh chemicals we are exposed to. Washing the hair with clean water strengthens the hair roots weakened due to pollution.  

    Opting for Natural Remedies Over Chemical Products

    Though there are many hair colour products available on the market, they all are chemical based which damage the hair and increases the greying of hair. Opting for natural products will reduce the risk of greying and also slow down the process of premature greying. Natural products such as gooseberry, curry leaves, copper-rich food, black tea and also ridge gourd oil are proven to help reduce grey hair naturally. 

    When premature greying is diagnosed at right time with the right treatments and a balanced lifestyle, the volume of it can be controlled.  

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