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    Hair Regrowth Treatment Bangalore

    Hair loss nowadays is a common problem for everyone. There is some reason that increases the hair loss problem. The stress of work life, bad lifestyle, and any kind of autoimmune disease like alopecia and its variety and side effect of chemotherapy, are responsible for hair loss problems. In most cases, new hair does not get back on the scalp easily. So people need to treat their scalp for the regrowth of hair. When people need hair to regrow treatment, they become too confused about which treatment procedure they should obtain. Normally in the dermatological world, there are three major hair regrow treatment procedures. All the details about this procedure are given here. Hopefully, people will get an idea about hair regrowth treatment procedures.

    hair fall regrowth treatment

    Hair Transplantation: 

    It is the most traditional therapy that use in hair regrow treatment. In this procedure, a plastic surgery surgeon or dermatological department tries to replace hair with a bald area of the scalp. Generally, the cosmetic surgeon moves here from the back side of the scalp to the front of the top of the head. Hair transplant has two types. One is a slit graft and another is a micrograft. In the slit graft hair transplant procedure, the graft contains 4 to 10 hair. In the micrograph, the procedure graft contains 1 to 2 hairs depending on the coverage needed. 

    Hair transplant procedures always help to improve the appearance as well as the self-confidence of the patient. Following people can easily adopt the procedure: 

    1. People especially men with pattern baldness can have the treatment.
    2. Women who have thinning hair are also eligible candidates for the treatment.
    3. People who lost their hair from a burn or any kind of scalp injury.

    Every people cannot have the benefit of a hair transplant procedure due to some reason. The following people cannot benefit from hair transplant procedures: 

    1. Women who have a widespread pattern of hair loss throughout the scalp cannot take the help of a hair transplant. 
    2. People who do not have enough donor’s hair will be removed for the hair transplant procedure.
    3. People who have heavy scars due to injurious surgery.
    4. People who lost their hair due to chemotherapy. 

    The Procedure of the Treatment: 

    The hair transplant procedure is a little complicated as it involves surgery. A cosmetic surgeon first properly cleans the scalp of the patient and pushes a small needle to numb the treated area with local anesthesia. Two main techniques are used for hair transplant procedures. One procedure is follicular unit transplantation and another is follicular unit extraction. 

    • Follicular Unit Transplantation: 

    In this procedure, the cosmetic surgeon will cut a strip of the scalp with the help of a scalpel. The strip is mostly cut from the back side of the head. After then the slit closes with stitches by a dermatological expert. After that dermatological expert will separate the removed portion of the scalp into small sections. This procedure is done with a magnifying lens and a sharp surgical knife. These small separated parts will help to grow attractive natural-looking hair. 

    • Follicular Unit Extraction: 

    Hindi procedure cosmetic surgeon makes tiny holes will blade or needed in the area of the scalp which is receiving the hair transplant. After that, the collected hair will be gently placed in those holes on the scalp. This procedure transfer 100 to 1000 hairs within one treatment session. After the operation dermatological expert will cover the patient and help with bandages. Patients have to keep those bandages for a few days.

    Hair transplant procedures need 4 hours or maybe more for a session. The surgery stitches will be removed for 10 days. 

    PRP Treatment: 

    This treatment is new to the hair treatment world and different from the traditional hair transparent procedure. The PRP treatment is also known as platelet-rich plasma treatment. This procedure is mostly used in the case of hair regrowth with high effectiveness.


    1. At first, the doctor checks overall health to identify the particular reason for hair loss.
    2. These procedures are performed by the plasma serum taken from the patient’s body.
    3. Because of the same plasma of blood patient’s body does not reach the plasma because it completely identifies the plasma cells.
    4. Dermatological experts will draw some amount of blood within the injection.
    5. After the blood collection dermatological experts centrifuge the blood sample to identify the key to rich plasma.
    6.  After 10mins all black corpuscles along with platelets and rich plasma will be separated from the other part.
    7. Dermatological doctors collect desired plasma. After the collection doctor will push the injection syringe on the scalp. During this procedure to ensure total safety dermatological experts use a very little amount of local anesthesia. 
    8. This procedure is highly beneficial as the plasma is collected from the patient’s body. And also procedures show no kind of side effects. The patient will feel bearable pain or due to the application of local anesthesia, most of the patients do not feel that pain. 

    This procedure fasts than traditional hair transplant surgery. And this procedure does not take much time.

    PRFM Treatment

    This procedure is also a new and modern concept of hair Regrowth treatment.

    1. This procedure is quite similar to PRP therapy. Here also dermatological surgeon collects blood from the patient’s arm.
    2. After the blood collection dermatological expert uses the centrifuge machine which is capable to separate the blood into different parts.
    3. After 10mns centrifuges, the blood separates the region into a protein-rich section.
    4. This protein-rich fibrin solution is used by dermatological experts as a growth promoter.
    5. The fibrine protein of these growth promoter factor help to grow the hair on the scalp again.
    6. Not only that as follows after taking blood from the patient body there is no kind of side effect.
    7. Just like the PRP treatment this procedure also does not involve any kind of heavy surgery.
    8. Any person who suffers from hair loss problems can easily adopt this treatment procedure for hair regrowth. 
    9. The doctor may use local anesthesia to numb the area of the scalp.
    10. These growth promoter protein serums increase the collagen formation around the hair follicle resulting in hair regrowth.
    11. Not only the regret here this procedure also make the new hair thick in volume than the previous one.
    12. So people who have thin hair types can easily take benefit from PRFM therapy.
    13. As this procedure does not have any kind of surgery involvement positive is quite fast.
    14. Within a few hours, the total procedure will be completed by the expert dermatological surgeon.
    15. This procedure shows effectiveness in hair regrowth treatment. 
    16. Patients can easily return to they are normal life after having the treatment.
    17. This procedure covered the bald area of the scalp with natural hairs.

    People who want hair regrow treatment talk to the dermatologist that which procedure will suit them properly. After the decision patient can adopt any of the 3 treatment procedures. Most of the time dermatological experts prefer the PRP and PRFM procedures. As the hair transplant procedure is old fashion and needs much time to recover, most Dermatologists now avoid this procedure. People who have no hair on their scalp with the help of PRP and PRFM can have regrowth of hair. So people who are suffering from hair loss problems and want hair to regrow treatment need to talk best dermatological expert in Bangalore for the best solution. 


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