Hair Transplantation After Scalp Micropigmentation in Bangalore. What Are the Limitations of SMP?

Limitations of Scalp Micropigmentation in Bangalore

Scalp Micropigmentation is a process that acts as a tattoo to camouflage the baldness on the scalp. The pigmentation on the scalp is done in small doses that help in creating a natural look on the scalp. it is a non-surgical procedure and completely painless.

People with the following conditions can opt for scalp micropigmentation:

  • To overcome the deficit of the hair transplantation procedure which may not provide complete coverage of the scalp at times.
  • To conceal the scars that occur due to hair transplantation methods or due to any injury on the scalp.
  • To cover the scalp when there is not enough supply of the donor hair follicles in both men and women.
  • To cover the baldness that occurs due to alopecia
  • To cover the bald areas in eyebrows and beard area.
  • To compensate for the hair loss due to chemotherapy
  • To compensate the hair loss due to hormonal conditions

Along with amazing benefits, scalp micro pigmentation attracts a set of limitations too. They are listed below:

No Growth of Hair – The micro pigmentation acts like a tattoo and it appears to increase the hair thickness but it does not assist in hair growth.

Quality of the Ink – The pigmentation ink used should be of high quality. If the quality of ink is compromised the pigment fades away sooner leading to the failure of the process.

Color – The color chosen for the pigmentation should be double-checked. If the wrong color is chosen then the pigments would look like a moles group instead of hair.

Expert Opinion – Lack of expertise in the pigmentation process can lead to unwanted expenditure and results can be disastrous. Look for an expert who does not compromise on the quality of the results.

Does Scalp Micropigmentation Damage Hair?

Scalp micro pigmentation does not cause any damage to the existing hair follicles.

There are very fewer risks involved in the pigmentation process such as desirable results that may not occur due to the incompetency of the practitioner who performs the pigmentation process. The other risk factor is allergic reactions on the scalp to the pigmentation process.

Can You Still Grow Hair After SMP?

Technically, growing hair after SMP is not possible. The pigmentation creates the look of just shaven scalp hair follicles that makes the scalp look fuller instead of baldy patches or complete baldness. The existing hair follicles surrounding the pigmentation area may grow hair since it’s natural follicles.

Can Hair Transplant Be Done After Micropigmentation?

Before answering the above question, let us know if a hair transplant is necessary after micro pigmentation.

A hair transplant is a surgical process that involves using techniques to remove the hair follicles from the donor area to the balding or thinning area. The popular method of hair transplant is FUT in which the strip of hair is removed from the backside of the head to transfer the follicles to balding areas. During this hair removing process, it leaves a scar in the donor area. This scar can be covered with the help of micro-pigmentation.

Hence, this shows the link between micro pigmentation and hair transplantation.

Now, coming to the question, Can a hair transplant be done after micro pigmentation?

Hair transplantation can be done after pigmentation but it is suggested by experts to do hair transplantation before the scalp micropigmentation treatment.

Undergoing hair transplant before the SMP proves to be more beneficial since the hair transplantation process leaves some scars on the scalp and the SMP acts as a camouflage to those scars enhancing the appearance of the person and also giving a healthy look to the scalp.

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