Is Prosthetic Hair Covered Under Insurance? Advantages of Prosthetic Hair Transplant

What Is a Prosthetic Hair Transplant?

Are you losing hair due to the treatment taken for medical ailments? Are hair treatments prolonged and do you want an instant solution for hair loss? A prosthetic Hair Transplant is the best solution for instant hair replacement.

Prosthetic hair replacement involves the making of a hair piece for hair restoration dedicated specifically to the medical patients undergoing chemotherapy and also for patients with medical ailments such as alopecia areata, thyroid problems and trichotillomania. A 3D-printed artificially made hair system is made with specific measurements to fit every individual.

This technique of hair extension is non-surgical and medically approved. The materials used in designing the end output are net material, skin-friendly adhesives to glue them and detachable clips. These materials are used only if they are medically attested since the patients’ scalps are very sensitive due to the ailments and the treatments.

Some of the notable advantages of prosthetic hair are:

  • Since it is non-surgical, it does not involve huge expenses making it very much affordable for people from all walks of life.
  • It takes just one sitting in the clinic for transplantation
  • It can be changed once in a few years giving the freedom to experiment with different hairstyles and even different hair colors and length
  • The process of hair making is reversible in the hair prosthetics if the patient is not satisfied with the results
  • Unlike other hair replacements, prosthetics hair does not hinder your daily activities. This artificial hair can be combed, washed and colored just like natural hair. You can even pursue swimming and it wouldn’t damage the hair in any way.
  • It is a painless procedure that gives a huge relief to patients since they would be undergoing a lot of trauma both physically and mentally due to treatments and ailments.
  • The attaching material for the scalp is made of firm materials that do not cause any slippage.
  • The hair attachments used are natural hair and do not include any synthetic hair that would portray an artificial look

Is Prosthetic Hair Permanent?

No, prosthetic hair is not permanent since the adhesives used can be inactive after a few months due to repeated usage. But the prosthetic hair is long-lasting since it comes up to two years if well-maintained. Due to continuous usage and its involvement in daily life, it is important to remove and thoroughly clean it and dry it well once in 3 months to make it sustainable.

In the process of making prosthesis hair, the following steps are involved:

The proper measurement of the entire skull is taken.

A mold is made with the measurements taken to exactly know the variations of the scalp shape that makes it easier to weave hair prosthesis

A thin, breathable fabric that is medically approved is made as a base for the hair attachment.

The hair selection is made according to the skin tone and the desirable hair structure of the patient.

The hair glued to the fabric is then fixed to the head beginning from the forehead to the crown

There can be an initial discomfort to wear since it is new hair. Once the patients are used to it, they find it to be very comfortable and look good enhancing their self-confidence too

The hair prosthesis is available in the following varieties that are commonly used by many:

  • Monofilament
  • Lace Front
  • Full Lace Wig

Is Cranial Prosthesis Covered by Medicare?

Cranial prosthesis specialists in Bangalore medically use hair transplants and it comes under medical insurance conditions. Most insurance companies provide partial and complete coverage for the cranial prosthesis. Talking to the insurance team helps in understanding the insurance coverage, you can ask for the documented details of the insurance to plan the prosthesis accordingly.

The hair loss types that come under the insurance coverage are:

Hair loss due to chemotherapy

Hair loss due o cancer treatment

Hair loss due to Alopecia

Hair loss due to the exposure of the scalp to radiation treatment

Hair loss due to thyroid problem

Hair loss due to Trichotillomania

The relevant questions to be asked to the insurance company are:

  • What type of prosthesis is covered under insurance?
  • Is the prosthesis treatment fully covered or partially covered by insurance?
  • What specific name should the hospital documents contain to apply for insurance?
  • Can the insurance payment be received during the prosthesis treatment or it would be reimbursed later?

Since the medical expenses are too high for a few ailments and treatments the insurance cover comes as much-needed relief.

Is a Wig Considered Prosthesis?

No, a wig is not considered a prosthesis. A wig and prosthesis both serve as hair replacements but they are different from each other.

Prosthesis is used for medical requirements but a wig is used for just enhancement of the beauty.

The materials used in prosthesis are prioritized to be medically graded that can protect the scalp of the patients since they are prone to scalp infection due to exposure of scalp to temperature variations.

A wig can be made using synthetic materials and can be used by anyone to change their looks. Prosthesis enhances the confidence lost in the patients due to the ailments.

Natural Hair Bangalore has experts that provide a ray of hope to the patients with cranial scalp prosthesis treatment in Bangalore.


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