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    PRFM for Hair Loss

    Sometimes, people suffer from the alopecia and other autoimmune diseases that result in very unfortunate hair loss. Because there is no such treatment that can provide a permanent solution to this problem. 

    In alopecia or other autoimmune diseases, people mostly lose their hair, there are so many factors that involve hair loss or hair thinning problems.  Complete hair loss and hair thinning are comparatively almost the same. Both men and women can face an emotional breakdown because of hair loss problems. Till now, a hair transplant is the only solution but the treatment needs quite a heavy budget.

    The treatment may be a little painful for some people because anesthesia is needed to complete the treatment, and it can cause any kind of side effects. But now dermatologists find a modern treatment procedure that involved no kind of surgery or pain and anesthesia. 

    PRFM treatment bangalore
    prfm for hair loss and regrowth bangalore

    Not only that the treatment shows 100% effectiveness in both the cases of thin hair as well as alopecia. The treatment is that platelet reach fibrine Matrix treatment or PRFM treatment. This new but accepted procedure by a dermatologist spread worldwide, provides the best solution for alopecia or any other kind of water-immune disease that involves complete hair loss or thinning of hair. 

    So both male and female patients who are suffering from alopecia or thinning of hair can get another chance to get back their normal hair state along with that thickening and volume with this procedure. 

    What Is Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix Treatment for Hair Loss?

    This procedure is considered to be one of the latest inventions in hair treatment. In PRFM treatment a small amount of blood is collected from the patient and centrifuged. This procedure separates and concentrates the patients on platelet and fibrin into a matrix. 

    The matrix is then injected into the scalp of the patient, where the hair is thin or completely bald. The matrix stimulus the growth of the hair follicles and the hair regrowth again by the tissue regeneration.This procedure is mostly applied to patients with alopecia as it is an autoimmune disease and there is no such treatment to cure it.

    This procedure is superior to platelet reach plasma because of many reasons. This procedure only takes 20mins and only four sessions are enough to see the visible result. 

    It shows a positive effect within 7 days as it allows the first regeneration of the hair follicle tissues in the scalp. Not only that it also increases hair density and thickness double time within 6 months. 

    There are no kind of side effects reported as on blood of the patient is used to collect the plasma reach matrix and applied again on the scalp of them.

    Because of the same blood group and DNA of the patients, the body does not reject the plasma matrix and shows the perfect result.

    Before the treatment, doctors always examine the blood of the patients, so they can understand whether the procedure is safe or not for the patient.

    The treatment procedure for plasma-rich fibrin matrix is quite similar to the PRP treatment. dermatologists first examine the blood pattern of the patients.

    After the examination dermatologist collects blood from the arm of the patient as a sample for the treatment procedure, then the blood sample was centrifuged to separate the plasma and fibrin matrix.

    After the separation of plasma and fibrin matrix, it will be collected in an injection syringe and then injected into the scalp of the patient where it needs to be applied. 

    The procedure there is no kind of anesthesia or surgery done by the dermatologist. A simple procedure that involves no kind of pain. The patient can back to normal life after discussing it with the dermatologist.


    PRP Hair Loss Treatment in Bangalore

    Advantages of PRFM Treatment:

    In the treatment of hair loss, these procedure has several kinds of advantages, so, this is considered a modern treatment of loss problems. The advantages of platelet-rich fibrin matrix or PRFM are given below: 

    1. According to dermatological experiments, this procedure is highly effective in men and females. 
    2. All patients can tolerate the procedure very well and there is no kind of side effects reported.
    3. The hair loss gradually stops in most of the treated cases.
    4. Significant hair growth and improvement in the thickening of hair were observed in three sessions of treatment.
    5. The procedure takes only 20 to 30 minutes to perform.
    6. Within 7 days to 10 days after the procedure, new hairs start appearing on the scalp.
    7. Within 6 months the hair becomes thick almost double that of the previous.
    8. PRFM procedure is acceptable worldwide treatment and supported by modern dermatologists.
    9. This procedure is very effective in combination with a hair transplant. 
    10. This procedure enhances the functions of the hair follicle and increases the success of hair transplants. 
    11. Stimulating cell proliferation improves the density of the thinning hair. 
    12. Through this treatment, procedure alopecia can be treated properly. 
    13. There is no kind of surgery involved in this procedure. And no kind of anesthesia is given to the patient.
    14. There is no kind of huge pain involved in the procedure and the patients can easily return to their homes after having some rest once the treatment is done.
    15. Do not need to be admitted to the hospital before the treatment or patients do not have to stay in the clinic after the treatment for a long time.
    16. There is no kind of restriction on eating but patients should follow a healthy diet as it enhances the success possibilities of the procedure.
    17. After taking one day of rest patients can back to their normal schedule. If they feel any kind of irritation or pain then they obviously should contact dermatology for further suggestions.

    So people who suffer from any kind of hair loss issues may be alopecia or extensive hair loss or thinning of hair, can go ahead with this new modern treatment. 

    Hopefully, this modern but effective treatment will change the hair fall situation of the patients.

     Always remember to take help from the best dermatologist who has experience with this procedure because experts and professional suggestion always results best.

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