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    PRP for Hair Loss Bangalore

    People nowadays mostly suffer from hair loss due to several reasons. Some reasons involve the fast and unhealthy lifestyle full of stress.

    Some people suffer from any kinds of immune diseases like alopecia and baldness. Some common signs of these are complete hair loss problems, partial hair loss, also the problem of reducing the natural volume of the hair. Till now people think long-term treatment like hair transplantation or using a cosmetic product is the solution to the hair loss problem. But dermatological science now offers a new medical treatment that completely reduces the hair loss problem permanently. The solution is PRP therapy. Let’s see what PRP therapy is and how it is effective in hair loss treatment.

    PRP for Hair Loss in Bangalore

    What is PRP Hair Loss Therapy?

    It is a modern treatment used to treat hair loss problems. The full form of PRP is the platelet reaching the plasma. That means, with the help of platelet-rich blood serum, hair loss problems can be revised.

    Hair follicles and new hairs will go from the own DNA of the patients. When the platelet reach or PRP therapy introduce to the scalp of someone, it shows natural hair follicle growth and hair development.

    Kind of hair loss treatments like alopecia or baldness can be treated with this PRP therapy.

    prp treatment for hair loss bangalore

    How is PRP Used for Hair Restoration?

    PRP treatment is a simple procedure. No kind of surgery or complications is not involved. In PRP therapy dermatologists inject the patient’s blood through the injection syringe.

    This process involves the following steps: 

    • The blood sample is drawn from the patient’s arm through an injection syringe.
    • After the sample collection, the collected blood is put into a centrifuge machine.
    • After 10 minutes of centrifuge, the blood will separate into three layers one platelet-poor plasma, another platelet-rich plasma, and the third layer of parade blood.
    • The second layer which means the platelet reach plasma is drawn into an injection syringe.


    • After that is collected sample is checked in the scalp area where it needs hair growth.

    With the help of their DNA and platelet patients can have natural regrowth of hair follicles and hair. 

    There is no kind of anesthesia are involved in the procedure, dermatologists simply inject platelets through a simple injection on the scalp.

    The total procedure is very simple and takes very less period to complete.

    What to Do After the PRP Hair Loss Treatment?

    There are some started actions that people should take after the procedure is carried out. Patients should not do any mistakes if they want to see results and minimize the chances of experiencing any problems.

    The procedure is completely safe and involves no kind of surgery or pain but the patient has to follow some precautions after the treatment to have the best result.

    The patient should eat healthy foods and drink water properly. Because a healthy diet always benefits any kind of medical treatment.

    Do not use any kind of shampoo or conditioner after the treatment without discussing it with a dermatologist.

    After consulting with the doctor-patient can wash their hair with a normal schedule and if they find any kind of pain or irritation in the injected places then immediately consult with a doctor.

    Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol, those things reduce platelet counts significantly. So if the patient drinks or smokes right after the treatment the result may not match the expectation.

    Is PRP a Safe and Effective Treatment for Hair Loss?

    This procedure is completely safe as the blood template used is taken from the patient’s blood. 

    Because of the use of the same blood, it is completely harmless for the body. The body rejects any kind of transplant from another body as the antibody does not accept any unknown antigens. But in this case, everything goes ahead properly because the treatment process is totally fine.

    So, when some blood is injected into the patient’s body for the PRP treatment, the antibodies sent into the patient’s body do not reject their blood. That is why there is no kind of side effect. Without any side effects, this procedure is completely safe.  When talking about the effectiveness of this procedure then it can be easily said that the procedure is highly effective.

    prp therapy for hair loss bangalore

    When the hair follicle tissues are naturally regenerated by own DNA of the patients then the result comes out as perfectly natural.

    As there is no kind of side effects or rejection from the body so this procedure is effective.

    According to dermatological science, this procedure is capable to fulfil 100% of customer satisfaction. 

    What Are the Benefits of the PRP Treatment? 

    PRP treatment has huge benefits to treat hair loss. Not only for hair loss PRP treatment is also involved with hair-associated problems.

    PRP therapy is highly beneficial for overall hair problems: 

    1. These therapies provide strength to the existing thin hair.
    2. This therapy increases the diameter of the existing thin hair.
    3. It is a safe procedure for hair treatment.
    4. This procedure is a highly safe and nonallergic process because of the usage of the patient’s material.
    5. This process also reduces the dandruff problem on the scalp.
    6. It makes the hair tissue fine, so hair looks darker, and also makes it smooth.

    Advantages of PRP Therapy in Hair Transplant Treatment: 

    VIP therapy is beneficial in hair transplant treatment. Let’s see what those benefits are: 

    1. There is no kind of surgery or pain involved in this process. PRP therapy decreases the sensitivity to any kind of surgery or also the postoperative period.
    2. All kinds of post-surgical complications can be easily avoided by PRP therapy.
    3. This therapy also promotes and accelerates the addition of the transplanted grabs of the new hair.
    4. This process also reduces is the redness following the surgery.
    5. This therapy also heals the wounds faster. 
    6. This procedure makes tissue regeneration quicker.
    7. This procedure also limits hair loss.
    8. This procedure is the quick regeneration of hair follicles, which is why it shows faster results. 

    Overall Benefits of PRP Therapy: 

    The overall benefits of PRP therapy are given below: 

    1. This therapy involves injecting people’s blood into their scalp so there is no kind of Side Effects or any chance of spreading communicable diseases.
    2. This is a non-surgical procedure that shows no kind of scars or cards involved in the treatment. Only the platelets are injected by using a series that cause no kind of pain.
    3. The treatment involves using by patience own blood which contains the same DNA structure. That is why the results look natural and also long-lasting.
    4. This procedure takes just only 40 to 60 minutes to be performed. People do not have to be admitted before the treatment or do not have to stay in the clinic after the treatment procedure.
    5. This procedure can also be done whenever the patient wants. And after staying some moment in the clinic patients can return to their homes.
    6. There is no kind of downtime required for the PRP hair treatment. After the treatment patient can back to their routine within a short period of rest. 

    For people who have hair loss problems and want a permanent but natural solution then PRP therapy is the best choice. Remember always take help from an experienced dermatologist who can offer the therapy perfectly. So those who are suffering from thin hair or severe hair loss should contact the best dermatologist for PRP therapy.

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