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    Robotic Hair Tansplant Bangalore

    What is a Robotic Hair Transplant?

    As the title suggests, this is a computerized cosmetic procedure that involves the usage of a robotic hand for the extraction and placement of hair follicles performed in hair transplant clinics. This is not a surgical procedure and involves a very minimum invasion of skin. Robotic hair transplant comprises local anaesthesia and few medications and takes two consecutive days to complete the procedure. The robotic hand comprises tools that are needed for the extraction of hair follicles and the creation of a site for the transplantation. This AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology limb is also equipped with a high-resolution camera and video viewing systems that help in the smooth run of the steps involved.

    robotic hair transplant in bangalore

    ARTAS is the system used to operate the robotic arm that does the multi-tasking process of hair transplant. Since this procedure involves high-end technology the results are natural-looking hair without even scars.

    In recent times, there has been a significant rise in the expertise of hair transplantation and the cost of this procedure varies due to factors such as the location, number of grafts, anaesthesia cost, surgeon’s fee, donor tissue area, amount of area on the scalp and post-operative care fee. 

    The Procedure of Robotic Hair Transplant  in Bangalore

    Bangalore has top-class hair transplant surgeons who are also internationally certified and have performed many successful robotic hair transplant surgeries.  The procedure begins with the paperwork and consultation with the surgeon. The fue hair transplant procedure discussions are done with detailed hairline drawings are made and documented for medical records maintenance. Before the procedure, if the patient is under stress some sedatives are given to relax the patient. Depending on the number of grafts that are decided for transplantation, the number of days is decided and is completed in consecutive days. The detailed procedure is given below:

    robotic hair transplant in bangalore hairline

    Recognizing the Donor Tissue

    The first step in transplantation is recognizing the donor tissue area. Donor tissue is usually removed from the scalp. The tissues of the sides and back side of the scalp are measured in the broader unit to ensure long-lasting results. 

    The patient is made to lean forward resting his/her head on the headrest. The robotic limb is moved around the donor area which scans the hair follicles and selects the required ones. The selected follicles are separated and a cooling solution is placed on them. This solution determines the life span of the grafts and increases their life span.

    Microscopic Scrutiny

    The separated grafts are examined under the microscope to determine the required number of hair follicles by checking the number of hair each follicle contains. This procedure also helps in choosing a particular type of follicle even if it’s minute.


    Creation of Receiving Scalp

    The next step is to create the space for the part of the scalp that requires restoration. In a robotic hair transplant, this process is more accurate than manual insertion as even minute spaces are visible under a high-end camera. This also makes the hair transplant looks so natural that it is difficult to recognize the transplanted areas. 

    Insertion of Graft

    Once the required areas are selected, the insertion of the graft begins which is more time-consuming compared to other steps. 

    This procedure of hair transplant with a robotic limb takes more time since the final look after the transplantation should be very natural. This procedure may include a slight discomfort or pain like an ant-bite which is negligible. To distract the patients from this discomfort, the surgeons suggest listening to music or watching a movie. 

    Completion of Procedure

    Once the insertion of the graft is completed by the robotic arm, the surgeon re-checks the proper placement of grafts in the designated areas. Once double-check of this procedure is done, the surgeon checks if any minor dressings are needed that will be completed and can be removed the next day itself in the clinic. The surgeon also provides details of post-operative care tips and steps that are to be followed very strictly to achieve the expected results. 

    Advantages of a Robotic Hair Transplant:

    • The robotic procedure is short and the sitting time for the patient is very less making it easy compared to the manual procedure.
    • The microscopic view of the robot makes it easy to recognize the nature of the hair, and healthy follicles which are very accurate making the surgeon’s job easy. 
    • The focus and concentration required for implanting the grafts are mastered perfectly by the robotic hands leading to the best results.
    • This procedure is pain-free, non-invasive and does not leave any permanent scars. This makes it easy for the patients to return to their normalcy in a very less time. 
    robotic hair transplantation in bangalore
    • Since it is not a manual procedure, the waiting time between extraction and implementation is reduced. This in turn increases the re-growth margin up to 97%.
    • It is advantageous for doctors since the involvement of high-end technology reduces their fatigue factor and increases their efficiency. 

    What Is the Best Method of Hair Transplant?

    There are two types of hair transplant treatment. FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). 

    FUE is a procedure in which the hair follicles are extracted in the form of minor incisions that are done in circular formations on the scalp. Since the healing time is less with no permanent scars of the incisions, these high-end treatment results are noteworthy that make the hair look completely natural.

    FUT is a procedure in which thin and long tissues of hair follicles are removed individually from the back side of the scalp. On completion of the harvesting of follicles in bald areas and closure of incisions, a very thin scar will remain which can be ignored. This procedure is also equally good since the harvested follicles are carefully placed retaining their original tissues that help in maintaining healthy hair. 

    So the next question would be which method to choose for hair transplantation.

    According to Bangalore’s FUE experts, both methods are equally good since both help in restoring natural hair from our scalp. Further recommendations of treatment would be given considering the availability of the number of follicle units in our hair. On the arrival of initial test reports the decision on the method of treatment would be made by the surgeon. 

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