Scalp Infection Treatment in Bangalore

You might be used several shampoos and hair oils to have thick hair growth but sometimes those products cause hair loss and itching.

Or sometimes you can feel the drying of scalp skin with dandruff or any kind of irritation or pain on the scalp. 

It is pretty sure that in most cases, people simply ignore this type of problem. These are all indications of scalp infection and can cause severe damage including hair loss. If you found any kind of these problems associated with your scalp get the based scalp infection treatment in Bangalore by consulting with the best dermatologist.

Scalp Infection Treatment Bangalore

What Is Scalp Infection?

Any kind of irritation or redness or pain or swelling on the scalp is an indication of scalp infection. Both adults and kids can be affected by scalp infections. Some scalp infections can be infectious to people.

Infectious scale problems are mostly caused by any microbial agent like bacteria or fungus. While the non-infectious types are involved with dysfunction of the immune system or genetically transfer from one generation to another. 

Type of Scalp Infection: 

There are several kinds of scalp infections. The type of scalp infection normally depends on the infecting agent. Let’s see the types: 

  • Ringworm Infection: 

This is a fungal infection that causes a circle on the scalp. Gradually the area becomes red and itchy. After that white scales will form after the drying of the skin and will fall like dandruff flakes. It is an infectious type which means can’t spread from one infected person to another.

  • Folliculitis: 

Bacteria can infect the hair follicle, which is the root of the hair and this kind of scalp infection happens. Mostly huge hair loss with swelling on the hair follicles is the indication of a kind of scalp infection. Also, a red color will develop around the hair follicle and also can cause pain or itching.

  • Impetigo: 

It is a common scalp infection that happened mostly in children. It is a bacterial infection. It is also infectious and can spread from one person to another. It causes pimple-like growth and makes the area itchy and painful.

  • Fungal Infection: 

Is also a common type of infection scalp and causes severe damage. The result of the infection is ulcer-like wounds on the scalp, red patches, and pain. People who have weaker immune systems are more susceptible to this kind of infection. Most children are prone to this kind of infection.

  • Seborrheic Dermatitis: 

It also comes with any kind of scalp infection that cause flaking skin dryness and redness with itching. Most adult people suffer from this kind of skin infection because of the dandruff problem. Children also can have this kind of skin infection which is known as cradle cap.

  • Scalp Psoriasis: 

This scalp infection is a long-term skin condition that is caused by this function of the immune system. The probable cause of the infection is still not known to the medical experts. According to their research, this condition is connected with the genetic and immune systems. Some factors like smoking or excessive use of chemical products enhance the chance of this kind of scalp infection.

  • Lichen Planus: 

It is a scalp infection that causes shiny red and purple plugs on the scalp. This skin condition is rare but if infects the scalp then call thinning of hair with redness or skin irritation and also red-purple bumps.

  • Scleroderma: 

This condition is caused by excessive collagen deposition in the body. The actual cause of the diseases is still unknown but it is assumed that the immune system shares a link with this. The scalp tissue becomes thicker due to the high deposition of collagen and leaves a line on the scalp.

fungal infection on scalp hair loss treatment

What Are the Causes of Scalp infections?

As there are several types of scalp infection so obviously there will be several kinds of infectious agents. Mostly bacteria and fungal infections are involved with scalp infection but they are some factors that are connected with genetics and the immune system of the body. Some external factors are also associated with scalp infections.

Let’s see what are the causes of scalp infections: 

  1. Staphylococcus Bacteria: It is a bacteria that help to synthesize natural oil from the skin and prevents dryness. But if these bacteria enter inside the scalp then they can cause impetigo scalp infection. Not only Staphylococcus and other bacteria known as streptococcus can also cause scalp infections.
  2. Bacterial: Bacteria can cause damage to the hair follicle and result in folliculitis.
  3. Fungal Infection: Ringworm infection on the scalp is generally caused by the attack of fungus. This fungal infection is also spread from one affected person to another.
  4. Yeast: It is a very helpful fungus in the baking and beverage industry but can cause skin damage if enter through wounds.
  5. Stress and Smoking: External factors like excessive stress and smoking can also cause scalp infections as those increase the chances of scalp psoriasis. 
  6. Chemical-Based Shampoo: Strong chemicals like sulfate, parabens, and mineral oils can cause scalp infection as those products dry up the scalp’s skin and make it itchy.
  7. Immune System: An excessive number of white blood cells can cause scalp infection mostly scalp psoriasis. 
  8. Collagen Deposition: Excessive collagen deposition under the scalp skin causes scleroderma. This is also a common skin infection that increases hair loss.
  9. Dandruff: An excessively dry scalp causes dandruff and itchiness and gradually it causes scalp infection.
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How Are Scalp Infections Diagnosed?

Scalp infection is diagnosed mostly based on the symptoms. Every scalp infection has its unique symptoms that can easily identify the dermatologist.

If you found any kind of irritation on the scalp, itchiness, redness, pain or swelling did contact the best dermatologist for the perfect diagnosis and treatment.

Do not apply any treatment that you hear from other people or your mind. Delay in the case of scalp infection can cause severe damage. So consult with a dermatologist as soon as possible. 

Dermatologists do several kinds of tests to identify the actual cause or type of scalp infection. Depending on the diagnosis result Dermatologist start the treatment.

How Can Scalp Infection Be Prevented?

Scalp infection can be rid of with proper treatment. But it can be prevented by following some tips: 

  1. Use medicated shampoo and natural oil which are free from minerals, sulfate, and parabens.
  2. Never share the comb and towel that you use to rub your hair. 
  3. Oiling your scalp with natural and herbal oils to prevent dryness.
  4. Drink enough water so your scalp can be hydrated all the time.
  5. Covered your scalp whenever you go outside or clean your house.
  6. If any scalp irritation, you feel immediate contact with a dermatologist.
  7. Reduce stress by doing yoga and quitting smoking. These two factors are directly involved with scalp infection and hair loss.

How Are Scalp Infections Treated?

Treatment of scalp infection depends on the infection level and type. Mostly the scalp infection is treated with steroids that are approved by FDA.

Topical Treatment: 

Dermatologist prescribes several medicated shampoos and hair oils that reduce scalp infection as that product prevents the scale from dryness and itching. 

Depending on the microorganisms like bacteria or fungi Dermatologists prescribe proper creams that contain little amount of Steroids. These medicated creams kill the infection agent and reduce the infection gradually and normalize the scalp skin.

So, follow the prevention tips and avoid any kind of skin infection to get a better result. If unfortunately, you have been harmed by any kind of Calvin section agent, then do not waste your time visiting an expert. Visit the best Dermatologist and have the best treatment in Bangalore. Always remember, scalp infection can be cured, if you contact a dermatologist as early as possible.

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