Scalp Micro Pigmentation In Bangalore

Scalp Micro Pigmentation In Bangalore

Hair loss is a devastating nightmare that no one wants to experience. Scalp without hair, always lower self-confidence in both males and females. 

Unfortunately, some people are continuously suffering from baldness and alopecia and searching for a permanent solution. For the scalp, micro pigmentation is the only answer. It is the deposition of dark-colored pigment, precisely in the scaled skin which mimics the very short hairs and hides the baldness. It’s like a camouflaging procedure that acts as a concealer.

This procedure hides the bald scalp and it will look full with hair. So, if you are suffering from baldness due to any kind of reason, surely take help from the experts of scalp micro pigmentation in Bangalore and change your look.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation in Bangalore

Scalp Micro Pigmentation Is Useful in the Following Conditions: 

Scalp micro pigmentation is useful in some conditions. So, if you are thinking about this procedure then do not forget to consider the following conditions: 

  1. It is a fact that in hair transplantation procedures, people cannot achieve the natural density of 80 to 120 follicular units per square cm. But the best transparent procedure one can have 40 to 60 follicular units per square centimeter.
  2. To the inadequate density of hair, transplant procedure patients cannot be fully satisfied. To overcome the situation, repeating the procedure minimum after 2 months will be good.
  3. In the case of alopecia, people can choose this procedure for getting a better result.
  4. People can choose a transplantation procedure if they are facing scary alopecia.
  5. People who have thin eyebrows also can select this procedure to get rid of this.

Advantages of Scalp Micro Pigmentation Work: 

This procedure is a permanent slide pigment that will be fed after 2 to 3 years. That is why it needs a touch-up. Let’s see the advantages of scalp pigmentation.

  1.  It is completely painless and also no kind of side effect has been seen.
  2. For people who have sensitivity to chemicals, experts will examine the sensitivity level before applying the procedure to them.
  3. This procedure is highly beneficial for patients who suffer from baldness or severe hair loss due to alopecia.
  4. Experts always use local anesthesia so the patient can not feel any pain until the procedure is complete.
  5. Both adult men and women can have the facility to help with micro pigmentation.
  6. This procedure is a daycare that is done on an outpatient basis.
  7. Both FUT and FUE techniques are applied in the procedure.
  8. After the micro pigmentation, anyone can do the hair transplant procedure. The hair that will grow from the procedure can be treated as natural hair, so people can style it anyway as it will grow. 
  9. It is a permanent solution for people who suffer from thin hair or baldness.
  10. Whoever has very light eyebrows, can also increase the density of eyebrows with this technique.

What Technique Is Used to Do Scalp Micro Pigmentation?

People want a permanent solution to baldness and alopecia because there is no chance of growing new hair. Scalp micro pigmentation is the best pro schedule that can be a savior for the people who are facing the situation. 

The modern technique of scalp micro pigmentation is similar to the tattoo. Like a tattoo, the procedure inserts the ink under the skin with a tattoo gun. The same micro pigmentation procedure as the machine is used to implement the ink under the skin but in a more gentle way.

Dermatologists who have experience in this procedure will follow a proper system to complete the job perfectly.

The pigment ink should go to the inside of the scalp skin otherwise it will fade too quickly and also you will not get a proper result.

According to the natural hair color of the client, the experts match the color of the pigment to give a natural look. The same procedure is applied to the eyebrows also. This procedure is completely painless because of local anesthesia. And there is no kind of much-maintaining procedure as anyone can naturally handle the pigmentation.

Procedure for Scalp Micro Pigmentation in Bangalore

The process of scalp pigmentation is quite similar to the tattoo procedure. But the scalp pigmentation ink is different from the tattoo ink. Also, scalp pigmentation is done by a gentle instrument. Let’s check out the procedure: 

  • Consulting With An Expert: After your treatment, the expert will show you how it will look on you. So, you can understand the procedure and maintain it perfectly. Remember, you have to fix the meeting not just right before your treatment. Concert with your expert on a separate day to know about the procedure and your queries.
  • Patch Test: When you finally decide to do scalp micro pigmentation then obviously perform the patch test before the procedure. A patch test will help you to know if is there any kind of allergy that you can have from the ink. If there is any kind of sensitivity then you can easily take medical precautions before your treatment.
  • Cleaning: On the final day of your appointment, it is important to clean the scalp. Any kind of pollution, dirt or free should not be present, as it will increase the chance of contamination and will result in subsequent infection. The technical expert’s suit uses a disinfecting cleanser to clean the area.
  • Outline: The artist will outline according to your face and that will be your new hairline. It is very important and takes a lot of time. Experts always give focus to make the hairline that completely looks natural and suits your face.
  • Numbing: This procedure is done with the help of tropical numbing. It is an anesthetic cream that eliminates the pain of needling. It is clear of the numbering cream will be applied to the scalp of the client and left on for about 30 to 40 minutes.
scalp micropigmentation in bangalore
  • Micro-pigmentation: It is the actual step where actual pigmentation is done. The experts will make a custom shade of pigments and will implement it under the skin. Experts will implement tiny dots of pigment whenever clients here need re-densifying or covering the entire scalp.
  • If the client feels discomfort or pain, then the expert will use more numbering cream. 
  • After the total procedure, you will find the scalp with small hair or much thicken hair density. 

Do not lose confidence, if you are suffering from baldness or alopecia. With the procedure of scalp micro pigmentation, you can have a permanent solution to that problem. So do not wait much longer just contact the best expert and take the advantage of scalp micro pigmentation in Bangalore.

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