What Are the Procedures and Advantages of Cranial Scalp Prosthesis in Bangalore?

What Is a Scalp Prosthesis?

Scalp prosthesis is a non-surgical hair replacement process that is medically approved for patients who have medical conditions or undergoing therapy for conditions such as alopecia areata, chemotherapy, trichotillomania and alopecia totalis and many other medical conditions that cause severe hair loss leading to semi or complete baldness.

How Cranial Scalp Prosthesis Done?

Cranial Scalp Prosthesis is a technology-based wig-making process so firstly a mold of the entire head of the recipient is made with the help of 3D technology by an expert.

The mold will help measure the wig preparation fabric and the hair length too.

A thin fabric is made which is a replica of the original scalp that is breathable and also comfortable. The material used for cranial prosthesis is very important since the patients are prone to more allergies due to the impact of high dosages of medicines and treatment procedures.

The hair options available for this process include both natural and synthetic hair. Preferably opt for natural hair since it is non-allergic to sensitive skin and it looks as natural as real hair.

The wig fabric is made ready according to the mold. Hair is selected according to the skin tone and hair texture suitable for the recipient.

The medically tested glue is used to stick the hair to the fabric according to the required length and lines to make it look natural.

The cranial prosthesis is completed with this and is checked on the recipient’s head for perfect fit and comfort. The recipient may need 2-3 days to get used to this new hair replacement. As the days pass on, they get more and more comfortable and confident to use it.

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How Long Does the Cranial Prosthesis Last?

The cranial prosthesis lasts up to 3-4 years depending on how well it is maintained. On the first implant, they can be used for up to 6 weeks along with all regular activities. The glue may slightly start to perish so the prosthesis should be cleaned and glued again after 6 weeks to use regularly again.

Different Types of Cranial Prosthesis

The materials used in making cranial prosthesis are dermatologically tested and designed specifically suitable for every individual.

The material used in making cranial prosthesis wigs is known as polyurethane it is a fine, thin material that looks just like a natural scalp. The skin-friendly glue is used to stick the wig. The glue works well for 6 weeks. On completion of 6 weeks, the wig has to be removed, cleaned and reattached with a new application of glue on the wig.

The different types of cranial prosthesis are:

Monofilament (MONO) – This is the most popular prosthesis and is in huge demand. It is made from a breathable fabric making it the most comfortable wig. The hair woven into this breathable fabric prevents the buildup of heat and moisture in the scalp. It covers from the front of the head to the crown.

Lace Front – The artificial hairline that covers the front of the head with the help of a thin fabric that makes it look like a natural hairline is known as a lace front. A lace fabric is used in this wig for the frontal part of the head.

Full Lace Wig – Very similar to the lace front, the lace fabric is used for the entire wig in Full Lace Wig. This will be helpful for the recipient to separate different sections and it also helps in styling the hair into a high ponytail. A full lace wig is more durable and long-lasting when compared to lace front wigs.

Advantages of Hair Prosthesis

Cranial Hair prosthesis is a boon for medical patients who undergo severe hair loss due to medical ailments. Here are a few benefits of hair prosthesis:

  • It can be used for all types of baldness too other than medical purposes.
  • Unlike hair treatments that take time to show results, hair prosthesis gives immediate results since the process is simple and not time-consuming.
  • It is long-lasting so it can be used for a longer duration and can be replaced with a new one on the requirement.
  • It does not hinder your daily activities. So without any restrictions, you can wash your hair, comb it, style it, dye it and even go swimming.
  • It is non-surgical hence there are no traces of any kind of pain and post-care rules.
  • It is a reversible procedure. So if the recipient is not happy with the results, required changes can be made.
  • It is made from natural hair so the natural look is well-accomplished with hair prosthesis.
  • Well-made hair prosthesis lasts up to 2 years when it is well-maintained. So its durability is assured.
  • It is made from medically approved materials that are non-toxic and also non-allergic. Since medical patients, weakened immune systems can make way for irritations and allergies, hair prosthetics are carefully made for their comfort.
  • It is made from firm materials so there are no chances of slippage of the wig.
  • Hair prosthesis is medically recommended for hair wigs so they are covered by many insurance companies. In this way, there are fewer out-of-pocket expenses for this wig.

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