What Causes Scalp Yeast Infection? Treatments for Scalp Fungal Infection

Is Scalp Fungal Infection Curable?

Scalp fungal infection is a medical condition also known as Tinea Capitis is a highly contagious infection which causes damage to both the scalp and hair shafts. It can spread to both adults and children.

Some of the symptoms of scalp fungal infection are an itchy scalp that turns severe gradually, red rashes on the scalp hair falling in circles and also flaky scalp. Fungal growth happens faster since they grow easily in a warm and humid environment that gets under the hair.

Scalp fungal infection spreads from person to person, through farm and pet animals and even through objects that are already contaminated by this fungus. For example, it spreads through children when they are exposed to infected children, in adults through the crowded neighbourhood, ignoring infected parts of the body, affected by playing with already infected pets and also with oily scalps and sweaty scalps.

The colonization of the fungus also quickens due to bacterial infections or injuries on the scalp or even when you have a weakened immune system.

Unfortunately, scalp fungal infection does not cure on its own and negligence towards it may cause severe issues such as spreading to family members (though unintentionally), severe hair loss that can also turn into a permanent one, and in worst cases, it can also enter your bloodstream and affect internal organs too.

Since this infection is a medical condition it is important to immediately visit the dermatologist before further spreading of the infection.

Scalp fungal infection is curable. Along with the visible symptoms, the dermatologist takes your hair sample and it is tested by the lab under microscopic view. The test results will be available in three weeks and on confirmation of the fungi presence, the treatment will be initiated by the dermatologist.

Oral Medications – Antifungal medications such as Griseofulvin, Fluconazole and Itraconazole will be given. The dosages of these medicines will be decided according to the age and weight of the patient.

Tropical Treatment – The dermatologist may also suggest stopping the usage of regular shampoos and prescribing shampoos that contain Selenium sulphide, Ketoconazole and Ciclopirox olamine.

Along with the prescribed medications, you can also try some of the natural methods at home such as the usage of tea tree oil, coconut oil and apple cider vinegar on the scalp. Since all these have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties they help in fighting the fungus and also avoid further spreading.

The other natural products that can be used are turmeric paste and Aloe Vera.

On recognizing the infection at the early stages and following the above treatments the scalp fungal infection can be cured in 2-4 weeks based on the severity.

Can Scalp Infection Spread to the Brain?

When the scalp infection spread worse, it also enters the bloodstream and affects internal organs such as the brain. It can cause brain abscesses in the person. Brain abscess can be diagnosed when there is the presence of pus formations and swelling on the head and the formation of dead cells.

Some of the symptoms of brain abscess are:

Reduced sensation

Vision changes

Sensitive towards light

Reduced body movements

Fever and chills

Reduced speech ability

The diagnosis of the brain abscess will be done by the medical team with scanning and blood tests. On confirmation of this brain infection, the doctor may suggest intravenous medication by inducing antibiotics. If the brain abscess is severe then it would be removed through a surgical process.

Is Scalp Infection Life-Threatening?

Scalp infections can be treated with early detection and proper medications. If the scalp infections are not diagnosed on time it may lead to severe issues such as extensive subgaleal abscess, widespread carbunculosis and fasciitis that can prove to be fatal. Timely diagnosis, proper treatment and following surgical treatments can evade the risk factors and cure the fungal infection and its repercussions completely.

What Causes a Scalp Yeast Infection?

Scalp yeast infection is an infection that appears on the scalp. The yeast that causes infection on the scalp is named Candidiasis. Some of the symptoms of the scalp yeats infection are red or purple scalp patches, white-soft moist areas on the scalp, puss-filled pimples, flaky or greasy patches and also visible crust on the scalp that causes severe hair loss.

Some of the causes of scalp yeast infections are:

  • Medical conditions that compromise the immune system
  • Excess usage of sugary or starchy foods leads to an unhealthy diet
  • Usage of grooming products on the scalp that has harsh chemicals
  • Encouraging the thriving of yeast formation while living in a warm and humid climate
  • Suffering from follicular occlusion syndrome
  • Excessive sweating condition on the scalp also known as hyperhidrosis
  • Uncontrolled diabetes
  • High intake of antibiotics or corticosteroids

The diagnosis of yeast scalp infection is done through physical examination and lab tests that determine the type of yeast infection and also its size and severity to prescribe the required treatments.

The possible treatments suggested by dermatologists for scalp yeast infection are antifungal ointments, shampoos and foams that have fluconazole content in them.

Alongside the medical treatments some natural methods that can help treat yeast infection on the scalp:

  • Intake of food rich in probiotics
  • Diluted apple cidar vinegar is to be applied to the scalp
  • Usage of tea tree oil and shampoo

Scalp care is very important for overall well-being since the infections that affect the scalp also affects the internal organs at a time creating more risks and complications for the patient.

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