What Is Cranial Hair Prosthesis? Cranial Hair Prosthesis Vs Regular Wig

What is a Cranial Hair Prosthesis?

Cranial Hair Prosthesis is a customized wig made for patients who undergo medical treatments such as chemotherapy, thyroid problem, protein deficiencies, alopecia areata, trichotillomania and other medical treatments.

Few medical conditions (mentioned above) after effects results in severe hair loss and the patients may not be eligible for hair loss treatments. Under such situations, Cranial Hair Prosthesis comes to the rescue. It is a prosthetic hair replacement treatment with a 3D-printed artificial hair system made with medicinal substances that covers partial and complete baldness in both men and women.

The advantages of hair prosthesis are:

The results are quick and need not wait for months to see the results.

It is affordable compared to hair implants

It is a long-lasting solution since hair replacement can be done once every few years.

It is non-surgical making it easy to even reverse the process to re-do it when the results are not satisfactory.

It is covered by many insurance companies.

Hair Prosthesis for Alopecia in Bangalore

Hair Prosthesis is a custom-made wig for medical patients who undergo medical treatments that lead to severe hair loss. Hair Prosthesis is quite popular since it is a non-surgical hair replacement. It is designed to cover partial and even dense baldness.

Alopecia is one such medical condition that leads to hair loss. Areata is the common form of alopecia that most patients are diagnosed with. Three types of hair loss happen in alopecia. They are:

Alopecia Areata – In this, hair loss happens in the form of patches on the scalp.

Alopecia Universalis – In this disorder, hair loss happens on the scalp along with hair loss on the entire body.

Alopecia Totalis – In this condition, there is complete baldness on the scalp.

The other disorders that would need Cranial Prosthesis are:

Chemotherapy – It is a method of treatment implemented on patients to cure cancer. This therapy also known as chemo leads to extreme hair loss.

Trichotillomania – It is a mental disorder in which the patient undergoes an irresistible urge to pull hair from the scalp and even eyebrows.

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement (Cranial Prosthesis) in Bangalore

Cranial Prosthesis is a non-surgical hair replacement available in Bangalore that includes the making of hair wigs with a medical base that is done with a natural hair texture that is suitable to individual skin tone and the adhesives used in this is dermatologically tested to suit the sensitive skin of the patients’ post treatments.

The following are the steps involved in making the Cranial Prosthesis:

  • A 3D specialist, also well-trained takes the computer mapping of the scalp affected by alopecia.
  • A mould is made ready with the already taken measurements of the head and scalp.
  • A thin film made of fabric that matches the human skin is made to attach the hair to it. The fabric used is double-checked to ensure that it is hypoallergic as the patients may sometimes be allergic to a few materials and textures.
  • Unprocessed and undyed hair texture that is also natural is chosen by the hair experts to match the skin tone of the patient. The hair is glued to the fabric by replicating the mould taken that has the same shape and lines as the actual scalp of the patient.
  • The ready hair is glued to the patient scalp with dermatologically tested adhesives.

The new hairstyle brings happiness and confidence to the patient to flaunt a confident look. Initially, the hair replacement may cause little discomfort for 2-3 days. But once the patient is used to the new lease of hair, and discovers the joy of washing, combing and styling the new hair their joy is immeasurable.

Difference Between a Cranial Hair Prosthesis And a Regular Wig

Though both cranial hair prosthesis and regular wigs focus on giving a natural look with the hair replacement, there are few differences that make them different from one another. Let us know a few important points about Cranial Hair Prosthesis VS Regular Wig.


The cranial hair prosthesis is medical hair made for patients who undergo different medical conditions that cause hair loss.

A regular wig is made for everyone who wants to flaunt a new hairstyle.

Materials Used 

The materials used for cranial prosthesis are medically graded since it has to be non-allergic to the patients since they would be sensitive to many conditions post-treatment.

Regular wigs are made with artificial synthetic materials to suit anyone looking for an enhancement in their appearance.


A cranial Prosthesis is specifically made to protect the patient’s scalp from temperature variations since their immune systems are weaker due to the medical treatments.

Regular wigs are made with caps that are designed only for fit and comfort.

Bangalore Natural Hair provides the best cranial scalp prosthesis specialists in Bangalore who are well-acquainted with the non-surgical hair replacement techniques that are popular and effective.


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