What Should You Not Do After Scalp Micro Pigmentation? Who Are the Candidates for Scalp Micro Pigmentation in Bangalore?

How Is Scalp Micro Pigmentation Done in Bangalore?

Scalp micropigmentation is a cosmetic hair treatment in Bangalore in which a series of pigment dots are made with the help of tiny needles that are dermatologically tested and specially made for this process. This treatment helps in making the head look fuller when it is partially or completely bald.

The ink used for pigmentation is non-toxic and it is matched exactly to your original hair color. It looks like cropped haircut. Here are the step-by-step details of How scalp micro pigmentation is done?

Before beginning with the procedure, Hair pigmentation services in Bangalore suggest the client shave the head completely to give a uniform look post the pigmentation process.

To avoid the buildup of dust and bacteria, the scalp area that requires pigmentation is primarily cleaned with a betadine solution and also with a spirit solution. It also avoids infection.

The scalp area for pigmentation is marked with a marker (non-permanent). The marking is important since the result of how the scalp should look will be decided in this step.

The recipient is asked to lie down on the bed in a comfortable position.

This is followed by the injecting of local anesthesia into the scalp area to start the pigmentation procedure.

With the medicated needles, the pigmentation ink is pricked into the area at 2m to 2.5mm depth. The decided depth gives natural look to the scalp and this also makes pigmentation settle deeper on the scalp. Initially, the scalp may look greenish after the pigmentation but this color will fade away in a few days giving space for the permanent color to show up.

The pigmentation for the front part of the scalp is made with a single needle with black ink. The back and the middle part of the scalp are pigmented with the help of 2-3 needles together to give a grafting look for the scalp.

The pigmentation procedure is done similarly for lips and eyebrows too with high-quality ink that gives a completely natural look to those areas.

The client is asked to wait until the ink on the pigmented areas is completely dry. On drying, the client is given post-care instructions.

Is Scalp Micro Pigmentation Permanent?

The pigments used in the scalp micropigmentation process are natural so they give lasting results. The pigmentation can be regained for up to 4-5 years with good scalp care. Up to these 5 years, they do not undergo any color change or fading. After the given timeline, due to regular wear and tear of the scalp, the color tends to fade a little. On observing that, you can book an appointment with your doctor for a follow-up session for a touch-up of pigmented area.

Who Can Consider Getting Scalp Micro Pigmentation?

The candidates who can consider getting scalp micropigmentation are the ones facing the following conditions:

  • When the recipient needs scalp covering with a non-surgical process
  • When the recipient wants to increase the thickness of hair on the scalp
  • When the recipient wants to permanently color the lips and skin too. The choice of color combinations can be chosen according to the client’s requirement
  • When the baldness is due to kidney or liver-related problems
  • When the recipient wants to cover badly shaped eyebrow or has less hair on the eyebrows
  • When the baldness level is too high
  • When there is not enough donor area
  • When the hair transplant is not a possible option
  • When any scars of surgery on the head, beard area or moustache area need to be covered
  • When a systemic disease is a reason for alopecia
  • When the recipient wants the restoration of facial hair non-surgically
  • When the transplant sessions were unsuccessful even after multiple attempts
  • When there is scattered hair thinning
  • When the alopecia is at extensive levels such as alopecia totalis and alopecia universalis
  • When cancer is the reason for alopecia
  • When the recipient suffers from genetic alopecia

Things Avoid After the Procedure of Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Scalp micropigmentation is a non-surgical procedure and has very negligible discomfort for 2-3 days. But there are a few instructions to be followed post-procedure to ensure that the scalp micropigmentation lasts longer. Read on to know them.

Avoid exposure of the scalp to the sunlight since the harsh rays may fade away the pigments

The treated scalp area should not be touched

After 2 days of the treatment use a cotton swab to clean the treated area

Rubbing of the scalp should be strictly avoided

The scalp can be washed with a mild baby shampoo after 3 days of the treatment. Using regular shampoos or soap is a no-no for at least a week since they have harsh chemicals

For at least one week after treatment, contact of the scalp with the chlorinated water should be avoided so do not attempt for swimming

Do not go for gym workout for at least a week, since any strenuous activity can hinder the growth of the pigment

There are chances of scab formation on the scalp due to the treatment. Do not pluck them. Allow them to dry and fall off naturally

Scratching the treated area can cause infection so avoid scratching

Moisturizing the treated area helps the pigments to stay healthy

Prolonged usage of helmets should be avoided

After following all the precautions if you still feel any bump area on the scalp or itching, consult your doctor for medications.

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